My Brother Ashton

Taylor-Jade better known as TJ has recently moved in with her farther and his new wife and her brother ashton in Australia after her mom passed away in a car crash. It means a new beginning for her, she has to leave her only friends to begin at a place where she is bound to be hated. What happens when she meets Luke and the others do feelings take over? Is it true love or do they just feel sorry for her because of her past.. will she survive or just break like before


2. Home at last


The car journey to the house was quite no-one really talked. Eventually we pulled up into a drive. The house was massive and very modern. It was really warm hear unlike England. Ashton helped me with my luggage as we walked into the house. "You room first one to the right upstairs, you can unpack and have a shower while I cook tea , oh and taylor its nice to have you back" I smiled at my dad as he said this. Ashton tugged at my arm and showed me to my room. "ill let you get comfy and unpack, if you need anything just call my rooms two doors down"

Ashton placed my suitcase and began to walk out my room. "thanks Ashton" I gave him a little smile as I said this. "no problem little sis" he ruffled my hair as he spoke and then left my room. It was a large room and had a window with a balcony facing the backgarden. The walls were a misty blue colour and there was a wardrobe and a double bed. There was also a door leading into a bathroom. I walked over to my suitcases and began to unpack. On top was a photo of my mum and me infront of Big-Ben. I love that photo we both had an amazing time. I miss her I really do.

I placed the photo on the table by my bed. I then took out all my books and notpads and placed them in the table. I took out my clothes and placed them neatly in the wardrobe and placed my laptop and guitar in one corner. I went in the bathroom and had a shower.

Once I was done I put on a three-quarter length sleeved top and some sorts. I tied my damp hair into a messy bun and looked at myself in the mirror. I quickly remember to put on my braclets hiding the new cuts from yesterday just before id left to come here. I then left my room and went down to the kitchen to find them all sitting down ready to eat.

"hey tay I want to introduce you to my new wife clara, and clara this is my beautiful daughter tay" I smile at Clara and say hi, she just glares as I take my seat. Still seeing that shes glaring at me I look down. Feeling the awkwardness Ashton begings to hand round the bowl of pasta. My dad breaks the silence by asking me questions. "So tay how was life in England?" "it was good, always cold there and completely different but fun, I even joined a tennis team and won nationals twice" I replied to my dad with a smile. "that's great to hear, your brother here is in a band now you know" I turn to Ashton to see him blush a little and I laugh a little. "so hows school in England" "It was alright I guess, well I mean it could have been better" I looked down knowing that I never liked school and it never liked me. "you'll be starting school tomorrow" shocked I looked up at my dad, he smiled "don't worry your stuff is all ready I had a bag made for you its under your bed and it has everything you need and ashton goes to the same school im sure he will help you out the first few days" Ashton gives me a reassuring smile. 

After we eaten I helped Ashton tidy away before I went off to my room. When I walked in the door slammed shut behind me. I turn around to find Clara standing behind me. "hmm look at you, now missy this is my home and your new and I expect you to obey my rules or trouble may come your way. Its pretty girls like you that make woman like me suffer you better stay out my way and behave, understand?" I nod to Clara and she walks out my room shutting my door behind her. I have no clue what her problem is but I don't like her theres something wrong about her. Trying to push the feeling away I change into some pj's and grab my laptop. I open up my laptop and check through twitter. I look through to find comments about me-

@TaylorJade thank god you left England no one wanted you here

@TaylorJade Running away? we said you don't fit in

@TaylorJade Poor Australia now they have to deal with your slutty arse

Having read enough I shut down my laptop and crawl under the covers. I got to start a new school tomorrow maybe it will be better, everyone deserves a second chance right?

Note- Hey angels hope your liking the book so far, sorry this is my first proper book but im hoping it will be better the further you get into it <3 So what do you think she did at England to cause people to hate her? what do you think will happen between her and clara? comment your thoughts and opinions below love you <3








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