My Brother Ashton

Taylor-Jade better known as TJ has recently moved in with her farther and his new wife and her brother ashton in Australia after her mom passed away in a car crash. It means a new beginning for her, she has to leave her only friends to begin at a place where she is bound to be hated. What happens when she meets Luke and the others do feelings take over? Is it true love or do they just feel sorry for her because of her past.. will she survive or just break like before


1. Arriving in Australlia


I Have just arrived in Australia from England. I been on the plane for 7 hours. As I got off the plane I went and got my two suitcases. Im meeting my dad and my older brother Ashton for the first time in years. Me and Ashton use to get along really well he was always my protective brother. We spend summer together and we got along but we were separated at 5 because our parents got a divorce I was sent to England with my mum. I have changed a lot since I was little, im sixteen now and am completely different. I dyed my hair black and I have blue tips. I also have a lip ring and snake bites on my left eyebrow, im dressed in a Bring Me the Horizon band top and a pair of leggings as they were comfortable for the journey.

Once I got my two suitcases I went outside of the airport and waited for my dad or Ashton. I didn't know who I was looking for I mean I haven't seen them in ages. "TAYLOR!!" all of a sudden I turn around to be greeted by a familiar face. He had blonde messy hair and wore a red bandana round his head. "ASHTON" I screamed back and jumped into his arms. He hasn't changed at all, well hes grown up a lot but is still baby faced hes kinda cute. His grip loosened-

Come on lets go find day taylor

where is he?

over in the car he cant wait to see you again

Ashton hurried me off to the car. As we approached I saw a female sitting in the car next to my dad. She had fake blonde hair, an orange face and bright red lipstick on. Ashton opened the car door for me. I got in and ashton got in next to me. My dad turned round and so did the woman-

Why Havent you changed a lot my little princess

Im not little anymore daddd  I whined

Aww I missed you

I missed you to dad


I turn round to see the woman glaring at me. After introducing myself my dad set off and we went to to my new home  







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