My Brother Ashton

Taylor-Jade better known as TJ has recently moved in with her farther and his new wife and her brother ashton in Australia after her mom passed away in a car crash. It means a new beginning for her, she has to leave her only friends to begin at a place where she is bound to be hated. What happens when she meets Luke and the others do feelings take over? Is it true love or do they just feel sorry for her because of her past.. will she survive or just break like before


6. A Day at the beach

Your POV (Taylors)-

We were on our way to callums house first. As we pull into Callum's drive way, ash honks his car and a cheery callum came running towards the car. As he got in the back I gave him a smile and ashton said hi. "so how are you two?" Callum asked with a cheery voice. "We are doing good thanks, I cant wait for today its gunna be amazing" I said with a big smile. Ashton laughed and callum said " I know its going to be fun and seeing you smile will make it even better" I giggled at his comment. Callum is so nice and kind, hes my best friend and I love him to bits I don't know what id do without him. Once I snapped out my thoughts I noticed we had pulled into another drive way. After about 5mins mikey walked up to the car this time with half his hair blue and the other half red. Once he reached the car he got in at the back with callum, now we just needed to pick up luke and we could get on with the day. "Nice hair mikey" I said throwing him a little wink. "thanks" he laughed throwing me a wink back. About 10mins later we had picked up Luke and was on our way to 'Papa Johns Pizza'. "How long till we are there?" Mikey whined "yeah im bored" callum joined in. "I have an idea" I said as I grabbed my bag. I reached in the front pocket and took out my mp3 and plugged it into the stereo. I then scrolled through to Avenged Sevenfold and played Hail to the King. Ash smiled and turned up the volume whilst the other three began singing.

Soon enough we reached the Restaurant. Calum got the door for me and I jumped out the car. We all then made our way inside and took seats next to the window. I have ashton on my right and Callum on my left with mikey and luke on the other side of the table. We started off by ordering drinks; me and luke got a diet coke and the others got doctor pepper. "so what was life in England like?" Mikey asked me. "It was alright I guess, I went to a private school and had two friends Casey and Issy, we were all on the gymnastics team and every summer we would go up to London for a week. School was alright but we always just wanted summer to come" I replied "So your flexible" Luke smirked at me. Ashton quickly kicked him under the table and luke groaned in pain. " yes I am actually im capable of many things" I winked and the others laughed. As our drinks arrived we ordered a meat feast pizza between us. "so what do you guys all do?" I asked "well we are all in a band together as you have probably guessed, we also like to play soccer and just like to have a good time" ashton replied. "we also like the girls" Luke smirked. I just smiled back.

After we finished we got back in the car and set off for the beach. After a while we reached the boys, so we grabbed our stuff and made our way to the sand. We all layed down our towels. the boys took of there tops leaving them in their swimming trunks and I took of my my top and shorts leaving me in my bikini. After I changed I layed on my towel and put on some suncream. Luke layed next to me "can you put some on my back please" I asked looking at luke. "sure" he said smiling. I turned round, and he began to rub suncream on my back. His touch was soft and gentle and he began massaging my shoulders. "come on lets play in the sea!" Callum said rushing up to me. "no chance I said giggling "what if its cold" "oh your coming in with us" Callum laughs. All of a sudden Callum starts dragging me and then the other 3 come along and they all pick me up "noooo!" I half screamed and laughed. All of a sudden im being thrown into the water. As I broke the surface I was surprised to feel that the water was warmth. Then all of a sudden water splashed all over me, I then look to see the rest of the boys joining me in the water. "Omg lets wrestle" Luke Suggested "ill be the ref" mikey shouted. Ashton then got on Luke's shoulders and I got onto callums. "right first person to fall into the water looses" mikey shouted "on the count of 3; 1..2..3!!" Me and ash just then locked hands and began to wrestle. It was obvious I was gunna loose due to how much stronger than me but I had pretty good balance from gymnastics. As I lost focus ash pushes my shoulder and I fall back but I mange to re-gain my balance and sit back up. As ashton wasn't paying attention I quickly pushed him over knocking him and luke into the water. I got of callums shoulder and gave him a high-five as we both cheered all of a sudden I felt something pull me under the water. I then grabbed on to someone and pulled myself up. Once I resurfaced I realised my arms were round lukes neck. He gave me a smile and I quickly let go and look down. "sorry" I said looking down "its fine" he smiled back.

I then make my way back to the shore to dry of under the sand. The boys soon come out and sit next to me. "we should gather some drift wood before it gets dark so then we will have some light and warmth" ashton suggests "good idea" the boys agreed. "can I help with anything?" I asked "no its fine you can just relax" callum replies smiling at me. I smile back. I sit down and watch the boys. This day has been amazing, I love these guys to pieces they have made life for me so much better, think I might go for a walk, id love to see the sun set. I stand up and begin to walk along the shore....

Luke' POV-

"I think we have enough driftwood" I say looking at the boys. "yh I think we have, lets go back and light it, the suns beginning to set" micheal says. At this we all head back to our spot. when we arrived taylor wasn't anywhere to be seen. "hey guys wheres tay?" callum asked a little worried " maybe she went for a walk, luke can you go look for her?" ashton turns to ask me. "oh okay sure" I replied. With this I walked off along the shore, I wonder where she might be, she couldn't have gone far. Her touch was so gentle earlier in the water and she looked so cute...

after a while I came across her, she was siting on a rock watching the sunset, she is so beautiful and she just takes my breathe away. Slowly I walk up behind her and sit next to her. "hey" I smile "hi" she replies in a soft voice "isn't it beautiful" she asks looking into the distance, "breath-taking" I reply. She begins to shiver slightly so I take off my jacket it and wrap it round her shoulders. "thank you" she smiles at me "come on lets go" I say holding out my hand. as she stands she trips and falls into my arms. She looks into my eyes and I look into hers. do it luke you have to I said to myself. Slowly I lean closer to her and she draws in close. I slowly placed my lips onto to hers and she kisses back. A warm feeling takes over, and we slowly pull apart. I take her hand and we head off back to the boys....... 




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