Magi Oneshots

Oneshot's from the anime Magi, season one and two. Will be reader inserts. You can request if you want too.


2. Sharrkan- Nothing Bettter

     You couldn't help being frustrated. You had spent the last half an hour looking for Sharrkan, you two were supposed to eat lunch together. And you still haven't found him. You had a small bag in your hands, it was beige and green to match Sharrkans general robes, it was his birthday present after all. Truthfully, you were worried that he was ditching you because he thought you were stupid, or annoying, or weak. But he would have told you if you were any of those things. You yourself were close to the strength of the eight generals, and that's why you were granted a home in the Sindrian palace, that and the fact that you helped Ja'far manage Sinbads neglected work load.


     You poked your head into Yamraiha's room, hoping that the tanned man would be in there, trying to pick a fight. But the blue haired magician was alone. "Hey Yam?" You asked, catching the girls attention. "Have you seen Sharrkan?"

     "Thankfully no." She joked, her blue eyes sparkling. "Sorry (Y/n)."


      "It's alright," You said. "Thanks though." Yamraiha smiled as you left, continuing your search for the missing white haired man. You had searched the whole palace, including the training area where Sharrkan liked to show off his sword skills. There was only one other place in Sindria that you figured he could be. And that was the brothel.


     You headed onto the streets, and walked in the direction of the (conveniently close) pleasure house. You hoped that he wouldn't be there. You hoped with all your heart that you had just forgotten to check a place in the palace. The door to the brothel was open, and you walked in hesitantly. You hated thinking off all the girls who would press themselves up against random guys, just for money. You would never be able to do that yourself.


     Luck was not on your side today, as Sharrkan was sitting on a couch, his arms wrapped around two giggling girls, one on either side of him. On the table in front of him was a cup, filled with some kind of alcoholic beverage. You approach the three of them and ask, "Sharrkan, what are you doing here?"


     He grinned, noticing your presence and said, "I could be asking you the same thing."


     "I was looking for you." You said, gripping the small bag you still carried tightly.


     "Well I'm just enjoying the company of two beautiful girls." Sharrkan winked at the two, and they giggled some more. You frowned in disapproval at his actions. "You should join us (Y/n). Loosing a few layers of clothing might actually do you some good."


     You were speechless. Sharrkan continued, "I don't know why you came looking for me, there's nothing better to do."One of the girls played with his long white hair.  

     You were incredibly hurt that he had forgotten lunch with you, and that he had the nerve to say that too you. It seemed as if you were not wanted there, not unless you were as undressed as the other girls. "Your a fricking jerk Sharrkan, I hope you know that." You say, hurt. You throw his present onto the table, almost knocking over his drink. The bag topples over, and a gold chain falls out. "I was going to give you your damn present at lunch."  You turned around sharply, your robes flying behind you with the sudden movement. You stormed out of the brothel, trying to keep calm.


     You angrily walked back to the palace, hugging your arms to your chest. You were pretty sure your heart hurt. You were halfway to the palace, when you heard footsteps coming from behind you, quickly. "(Y/n) wait!" You instantly recognized Sharrkans voice, and decide to ignore him, being the stubborn person you were.


     "Come on (n/n), don't be mad." He didn't stop and ran to your side. "I'm sorry. I forgot about lunch, I swear I didn't ditch you intentionally!"


     "That's not even all it is." You huffed. Sharrkan crossed his arms behind his head, keeping up with your fast pace.


     "We can still have lunch, its not too late." Sharrkan insisted.


     "You don't want to though." You accused him. "You probably just want to go back to the brothel. In fact, I'm sure it probably pained you to separate from those girls.


     "I'm sorry about what I said, I was being stupid with the liquor. I don't want to go back there, not if your mad at me. I actually think that there's nothing better than spending time with you." Sharrkan said. You both stoppedin the streets. You weren't  very far from the palace now, and you could probably escape if you made a break for it. But your wall of stubborn crumbled ever so slightly with Sharrkans words. Damn your soft spot for the white haired male.


     "Do you really mean it?" You ask slowly, afraid that he was lying to you. You meet Sharrkans deep green gaze with your own (e/c) one.


     "Of course I do." Sharrkan scoffs. "Besides, your much prettier than any of those other girls anyways."


     You blushed deeply, and your stomach fluttered. "Thanks," You said in a small voice.


     "Although I'd love for you to show some more skin." Sharrkan grinned from ear to ear, no doubt imagining you in different attire.


     "In your dreams Sharrkan." You laughed, and brushed some of your (h/c) hair behind your ear.


     Sharrkan hummed, ignoring your comment. "I love your present by the way." He said, and you noticed the golden chain, that was wrapped around his wrist in a hurry.


     "I though you would."


     "But there's something missing." Sharrkan said, still grinning.


      "And what's that?" You asked, curios.


     "A birthday kiss." The white haired man said cheekily.


     You could feel your cheeks heating up again, and saw Sharrkan grin even wider at this. You would have been upset if it was anyone but Sharrkan asking this of you. But you had deep feelings for him, so you said shyly, "I suppose you could still get one."


     Sharrkans eyes were bright, and he grabbed you by the waist, pulling you close and making you gasp. Sharrkan connected your lips and began to kiss you. Your hands made their way upward and tangled in his hair, deepening the kiss. You both pulled away, breathing heavily.


     Just then, your stomach rumbled, and Sharrkan chuckled. "You still up for lunch?"


     "You bet I am. Searching for you sure made me hungry, idiot." You grinned.


     "It was worth it though, don't you think" Sharrkan took your hand and you two continued too the palace.


     "Mhm, I suppose it was."


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