Magi Oneshots

Oneshot's from the anime Magi, season one and two. Will be reader inserts. You can request if you want too.


1. Hakuryuu- Scars

--Guide-- (f/c) = favorite colour (y/n)= your name (l/n=last name (n/n)= nick name (h/c)= Hair Colour (e/c)= Eye colour -----------------------------------------

     "But Morg, I don't want too."


     You were currently in your best friends and yours shared room, your best friends, Morgiana, was trying desperately to get you into one of the dancers festival dresses. If it could even be called that. The (f\c) garment was a loose skirt connected to a strip of fabric to go around your breasts by two side pieces of fabric. Morgiana was already wearing one similar to yours, only it was beige. You were still in your combat skirt and tank top from training earlier in the day. You were in Sindria, and Morgiana was trying to get you to dress up for the Mahrajen festival.


     "Please (n/n)?" Morgiana asked. "I bet Hakuryuu will like it."


     You blushed furiously at Morgiana bringing up your crush and close friend. "I-I don't think I'll be comfortable in it."


     "I'm wearing one. It'll be fine." Morgiana handed you the dress like thing and you hesitantly changed. The dress exposed a whole lot of skin, way more than you would show on a normal night. The scars on your back, sides and stomach were clearly visible, you could also see the one on your shoulder, the only one anyone knew you had. You crossed your arms over your stomach.


     Morgiana smiled at you. "You look amazing (y/n)!" She grabbed your hand and dragged you out of the room before you could change out of it.


     "I really don't like this though." You tried to tell your red headed friend, but she wouldn't listen. You didn't want others to see your scars. Morgiana wouldn't listen too you though, and it frustrated you. Morgiana dragged you around the Sindrian palace, and you met up with a dancer girl who gave you two your masks. You decided that it wouldn't be so bad if nobody could tell who you were.


      The palace was very empty, everyone was already in the streets, enjoying the festival. Morgiana was bursting with excitement, you could see it in her eyes. Even through her calm attitude. You and Morgiana made your way onto the busy streets. The dark night sky was lit up by lanterns. You were speechless. Your old country never looked so cheerful. or beautiful. Your attire was momentarily forgotten and you gazed into the crowd of people. "I'm going to go find Alibaba and Aladdin, okay?" Morgiana asked.


      "Alright." You said, slightly dazed. Morgiana smiled at you through her mask then disappeared into the crowd. You realized that you had no idea where to go. You crossed your arms again and slid through the crowd. Everyone was so happy. Sharing drinks, laughs, memories. It made you happy seeing everyone else happy.


     You couldn't see anyone you knew. Sindria was a big country, with many, many people. You figured that Sinbad and the eight generals would all be together. You tried to tell yourself that you were looking for everybody, but you knew deep down that your eyes were looking for the familiar boy with dark hair and different shade blue eyes. Another part of you didn't want anyone to see you.


     Not that you had much of a choice in the matter, out of the corner of your eye you saw Hakuryuu and you instinctively called out to him. "Hey! Hakuryuu!"


     The teenage boy turned around at the sound of his name and made his way through the crowd. You realized what you  had done and turned around, hoping that he wouldn't recognize you.


     He didn't. "Excuse me miss, but have you seen a young girl with (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes." Hakuryuu was behind you when he spoke. You turned around slowly, your skirt swinging against the back of your legs. "I-uh. Does her name happen to be (y/n)?" You asked, crossing your arms and trying to cover up your scars.


     "Yes, do you know her?"


     You gathered up all your courage and removed your mask. "I would hope so." You smiled.


     Hakuryuu's eyes widened. "I thought your hair looked familiar." He realized what you were wearing and his face turned profoundly red. "You, uh" He scratched the back of his neck. "You look very pretty Lady (y/n)."


     Your face turned red as well, and you clutched your arms to your stomach even tighter. "Thanks."


     Hakuryuu notice you clutching your stomach and asked worriedly, "Are you sick?"




     Hakuryuu gently took your hands in his and tried to get you to uncover your stomach. Tears welled up in your eyes. You really didn't want him to see you like this. But you were also surprised when he took your hands in his, so it didn't take a lot for you to let go. "What's wrong?" He asked softly. "Please don't cry."


     "I-I'm sorry." You said. A person bumped into your shoulder, causing you to stumble. The place was so crowded. Hakuryuu noticed the problem and led you to a less crowded area by a tailors shop.


     "Don't be sorry." He said. More tears welled up in your eyes. You blamed yourself for this. Hakuryuu noticed your oncoming tears and pulled you against him, giving you a warm hug. You buried your face in his chest and tried to disappear. Only that was impossible.


     "I just didn't want anybody to see me like this." You hiccupped, your voice muffled by Hakuryuus chest. "Especially not you."


     "There's nothing wrong with the way you are now." He said, trying to comfort you.


     You shook your head. "You can see them." Your voice trembled.


     "Them..." Hakuryuu figured out what you were talking about. "Do you mean your scars?"


     You didn't say anything.


     "(y/n)" Hakuryuu said, "Look at me"


     You raised your head from the safety of his chest and looked at him with swollen eyes.


     "Your scars are a part of you, and your beautiful. There isn't a thing wrong with you." Hakuryuu said.


     Your (e/c) eyes were glossy as you said, "My step father and his lackeys used to tell me that I wasn't good enough, and that these were supposed to remind me. And they do. Every day. I still haven't gotten over it I guess. There so... ugly." Your voice was small.


     Hakuryuu's expression was serious. "There is no way that your not good enough. Your scars should only remind you of what you've survived. Not of what you aren't. Would you say that my scar is ugly?"


     Your eyes were wide. "No! I would never!"


     Hakuryuu looked you in they eyes. "Then why should yours be deemed so. (y/n) your the most breathtaking girl I have ever met, and the most pure hearted and kind. That's why I love you so much."


     There was a silence, as Hakuryuu realized what he had said. And as you took it all in.


     "I love you too Hakuryuu, thank you." You finally said. You gave him a small smile.


     Hakuryuu's eyes widened, then he grabbed your forearms gently and said, "I'm glad." The dark haired boy pulled you forward and connected his lips to yours. You were surprised but didn't hesitate to kiss him back.


     Forgotten were your fears of being rejected by your friends because of the marks that marred your skin. It didn't matter now, not if Hakuryuuu would be at your side.






A/N- I would love to hear your feed back. Was anyone to OOC? Was the story in general okay? Would you read more. Thanks for reading!




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