The Walls That Block Us (Yandere!Friend+Friend!Reader)

He had enough.
He was done.
Being friends until now.
He wanted her all to himself.
But the walls that block them,he had to destroy.
If one wrong move,she could run away forever.
Will he be able to grab her heart to his?
Or will he must face being alone for eternity?

(Disclaimer:Based off of my real friends.If my friends have a profile here,they are considered owners too of the story.)


1. Note

As I told you in the summary,this story is based off of my real friends and possibly the real situation.I'm not sure if my guy friend has a crush on my girl friend,but eh.I got permission from them both,but the guy has no idea what's it about.Which is good.


I'm not going to use their real names(Well,duh)and for the side characters(People in the grade level),I'm also will not use their real names.The background is in Japan(My girl friend suggested it).Also,the info here in the story might be true,but mostly false because of privacy reasons(Goes with names,name of school,etc.)I'm in the story,too.I'm between main and side,since I'm the girl's friend.(Extra info)


So,hope you guys enjoy it.

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