My Fake Husband is a Bad Boy (Rated 18 +)

I, Abigail McKnight, is in trouble.

I was in a situation where I was supposed to pick a guy out of five, to help them with their problem. This is what I hate about myself, I'm too nice. I could've said no to them, however, my uncle told me if I helped one of them with their situation, then he would help me get a job. I recently came back from New York because I graduated college and I flew back to my hometown, Alabama to find a job. I mean can you blame me? I need the money because I'm broke.

All of the sudden, my uncle drops the news on me that his friends had the same problem and I was their only solution to help them, but his 'favor' included me picking one guy for the difficult request.

Who did I pick you ask?

What was his problem?

Well... He's tall, has beautiful green eyes like the trees in the spring time, has dimples everytime he smiles, wavy - long brunette hair, he's attractive and the most important detail of all... He's a Bad Boy.

His name is Harry Styles.

The problem is... Harry Styles... asked me to be his Fake Wife.

WARNING!! This is my FIRST fan-fiction ever, so pretty please bear with me! :) <3

Plus, one direction are NOT famous in this story.



2. ♡ Chapter One ♡

Meeting a Man... Or Five Men (Part 1)

I  FINALLY MADE IT! I found Walmart an hour later . . . It's sad that I forgot where every thing is. Therefore, I have an excuse because I was gone for ten years! Oh well, what's done it's done.

I finally walk inside Walmart and picked up a basket next to the automatic sliding door to start uncle Greg's shopping. As I'm walking to the aisles, I hear my phone ring in my purse. I stop walking and I look through my purse trying to find my phone.

Where is it?!

I have a lot of crap in here.

Ha! found it.

I get my phone out . . . iPhone 4s. I hate this phone so much I need a new phone like bad. I see the caller ID and I see that it's my mom. MOMMY!

What? Just because I'm twenty-two doesn't mean I act like a kid on the inside and call my mom "Mommy" or dad "Daddy" . . . Leave me alone!

I click on the green button and put the phone next to my ear. "Hi mom!" I said excitedly.

"Hi, baby. Are you in Alabama already? You didn't text your father or I to make sure you were there." Crap, I forgot to do that. I was so excited to see uncle Greg I forgot to call them.

"Yeah, I made it here safely. Sorry I worried you guys."

"Oh, it's okay. So are you staying at the bar?"

"I'm actually at Walmart buying stuff for uncle Greg." I said rolling my eyes.

"Lord, have mercy. That man just wants to use us like a damn can opener." She scoffed.

I laugh a little. "Yeah, that's just like him."

"Alright well, I just wanted to make sure you're okay. I'll talk to later okay? I love you." She said in her motherly voice. I wish my parents are here with me, but I guess I went solo because they had jobs to take care of.

"Okay, I love you too."

"Bye." I hang up the phone and I put it back inside my purse, zipping it closed.

I start to walk while looking down at the small, wrinkled list and I bumped into something hard.


I look up and I see a tall man looking down, glaring at me with one of his eyebrows arched up. My lord he's freaking tall! He's like almost 6'0" something and here I am a freaking dwarf. Wow he looks . . . cute, I look at his green eyes and they look like the color of trees in the spring time, and his long dark brunette silky hair that looks properly combed, wearing a suit jacket, a white button shirt and black dress pants with dress shoes. Also, he has pink kissable lips —


Why am I thinking about him like this?! I don't even know the guy! Man, Abby you need to calm your thirsty self down.

I look at him and I see him glaring at me still. Jesus, he looks mad.

"Oh, I'm sorry." I apologized.

He doesn't respond . . . Awkward.

Maybe I'll start a helpful conversation. "Um . . . do you know where I can find the vegetables?" I asked while smiling innocently.

"Vegetables?" The man questions. He finally speaks!

His accent though . . .

"Yeah, like Carrots?" Dammit Abby! Everybody knows Carrots are a vegetable! "Is it in this aisle?"

He looks so annoyed, shaking his head. "You're in the meat aisle." He responded.

I glance at the meat in the rows in the little freezer doors and Yep. That's definitely meat. "Oh." I said forming my mouth in an "O" shape.

"The vegetable aisle is in three aisles down there." He said pointing his thumb behind his shoulder at the direction where the vegetables are.

Whoops. "Uh . . . okay. Thanks."

"You don't know where the items are? Weirdo." He said without even trying to whisper it himself.

"Excuse me?" I asked being offended.

"You don't know the difference between meat and vegetables." He said shaking his head.

What the hell. Of course I know the difference between meat and vegetables. I'm not dumb!

"I do know the difference between meat and vegetables, thank you very much." I said lifting my chin up in confidence.

"Okay, well enjoy you day, weirdo." He walks away. Oh so I have a nickname now from a guy I don't even know? Great way to meet a person.

"Wait!" I called out for the man who's walking away. He stops where he's going, turns around and looks at me without blinking.

Don't freak out, don't freak out, don't freak out.

"Can you help me . . . find it . . . The vegetables?" Smooth Abby, Smooth.

"Geez, you need help with everything do you?" He complains. "Come on." He walks away again and I follow him to the aisle. He's acting like a little baby!

We walk to the vegetable aisle and I see everything I know; Carrots, broccoli, squash, etc. can't believe I didn't see this when I walked inside the store.

"Alright, this is it." The guy stated. He looks like he wants to kill himself or something, but I doubt that's what he's thinking.


"Anything else?" He asked sternly.

"Huh?" Who does he think he is talking to like that?

He rolls his eyes. "Is there anything else you need? You brought a list right?"

"Oh, yeah."

"Show it to me." He ordered. What a dick. I grab the list from my purse and hand the list to him. He's standing way too close, towering me to where I can't breathe. His eyes are sparkling and I can't stop staring at them. He looks at me with a puzzled face and I snap out of my zoned self.

"Uh, here." I give him the list. He takes the list from my hand and looks at it while squinting his eyes. He better not judge the list . . .

"Well, all the vegetables you need are in this row."

"Uh huh." Is all I could I say.

He grabs the basket from my hand and walks over to the vegetable shelves. He starts to drop the veggies in the basket fast hearing the thump thump thump sound as he drops it in the basket. How is he doing this without even paying attention to the price or anything, I do have to pay for this.

He walks back to me holding the basket in his hand and I see a bunch of broccoli and carrots and some purple stuff that I don't even know. How much is all this?! I take the basket from him and hold onto the handle with both hands. "Uh, thanks for helping me."

"Yeah, yeah." He said without looking at me.

"Yeah, you were fast for picking them out." Like literally.

"Mhm, Says the girl who doesn't know the difference between meat and vegetables." Is he still back on this? I know the damn difference idiot!

"Excuse me?"

"I feel bad for the guy who ends up dating you." He turns around and he walks away from me. That was really harsh . . . he doesn't even know me, so how would he know what I do or how guys would look at me. I hope I don't see his face again.

I look at the list and I see what else I have to buy.



— Chicken Noodle Soup

— 5 cans of Chili

— Swiss Cheese

— Salad

— Mash Potatoes

— Good STEAK!

— A pack corn

— Eggs

— Milk

— Two bags of Carrots

— Squash

— A pack of Broccoli

I wonder what he's cooking for himself. Because everything sounds good right now. Alright, time to finish shopping.

After half an hour of shopping. I paid for everything and it cost less than I thought it was going to be since that guy threw thousands of veggies in the basket. However, I'm glad I had enough money to pay for all of them.

I'm walking on the sidewalk trying to walk home so I don't have to pay for a cab. I don't have enough money until I get a job and I thought I could use some exercise even though I'm wearing wedges. "Okay, I should be going this way." I whisper to myself as I walk by a bridal shop. I stop my tracks and I see wedding dresses inside the Bridal shop window.

Wow, the dresses look beautiful. How the white dresses pop out and see jewels on the dresses while the bottom of the dresses look puffy and some are silk. I hope I get married someday wearing something like these. As I'm daydreaming, I hear footsteps walking next to me and I turn to the direction on my right, looking at a guy.

My god, he looks like he just came out from a magazine. He has a perfect jaw line, brown colored eyes with a slight color of green in the irises, perfect eyebrows. He looks like a freaking God! What did I miss when I was away?

I see his eyes looking at me from the corner of his eye and he turns his whole face looking at me. Jesus, he saw me staring at him. This is so awkward.

"What are you looking at?"

"U-Uh nothing." I stuttered. Abigail, you suck at trying to sound casual. I turn my heel and walk fast trying to go back to the bar without saying bye to the guy. Man, that was so awkward.

I found the bar after twenty minutes. New record! As I'm walking to the bar, my keys fall out of my hands, landing on the ground with grocery bags in my hands. I look down at the devastated keys that is waiting to be picked up. Great, now I have to bend down with these dumb shoes on. I bend down trying to get the keys while the bags are still in my hands and I see a hand in front of me, grabbing the keys.

"Let me get that." A low voice said. I look up and I see a cute guy. Guy #3. His light brunette shaggy hair, gray colored eyes, natural eyebrows and a light faded goatee. How many cute guys are in this town?! "Here you go." I see that he's holding out my keys to me and I take it from his hands slowly.

"Thank you." Both of us stand up from the ground and look at each other.

"No problem." He responded. "Are you going to the bar?" He points his thumb over his shoulder pointing at the bar behind us.

"Yeah, I'm here to see someone." I answered.

"Oh really who?" He said shoving his hands inside his jean pockets.

"Uncle Greg." I smile.

"Uncle Greg?" He mocked in confusion. I nod at his response. ". . . Do you mean Greg Montgomery?" He knows him?

"Yeah, you know him?" I asked smiling.

"Yeah, I come here all the time and we chat with my friends."

"Oh, that's great."

"Wow, I can't believe you're his niece."

"I get that a lot." I scoffed.

"How 'bout we talk inside so we can talk to your uncle." He offered.

"Okay." I grin. He's the first guy out of all the guys I've met, who's actually nice! And it doesn't feel awkward at all. We walk to the bar and he pushes the door open as he waits for me to walk inside first. He is such a gentleman! "Thank you." I replied.

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