The Dream

The dream where we meet.


1. The Dream. (Poem 2)

~The newly risen light shines through the window,
Almost every parent and child were each rising too.
For they were extremely excited,The day was new.
The cars on trains flew past us as we stood,
Each of  us looked  around, there were leaves placed on tall wood.
Water flowed behind us and music filled our ears
It was the birds, the squirrels and the tiny baby deer.
And as the train ran through and its length grew short
The setting changed and we found ourselves in a hidden fort,
We opened each door and to our dismay,
Each new door brought in rats and snakes.
 We beganI to scream and I began to wonder
But before I could, we were in a field full of lightning and thunder.
A bolt of lightning landed at my feet
I jumped into yet another world
Where you and I meet
The name I don’t recall, but the eyes yes of course
The ones I met last fall.
But then I heard a noise and I jolted awake,
I was back in my bed , head still in ache
The dream was gone
And a little of my heart did break.


Poem: The Dream

Written by: emel

February 5th,2016 - 8:36pm

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