The government has been overrun by a team of equipped spies, who travel the globe in search for 10 warriors, who may be able to stop the world from succumbing to a deadly fate. However, is there any humanity left to save?


3. 3

A girl stood at the back of the room, her platinum hair cascaded past her shoulders, and her big green eyes bored into theirs. The dull light in the room bounced off her pale shiny skin, and she spoke in a cool voice,

"Who are you guys?"

Zoe stammered, for she didn't really know for herself who she was. And the girl's cold voice made her question whether she should tell her.

"My name's Zoe. this is chase", she arrowed towards him. And chase spoke up defensively,

"Who are you then?"

The girl shifted her feet, like all the confidence had been sucked out of her, and her voice seemed to tremble slightly,

"I'm Ariana, nice to meet you both" she spoke sarcastically, miming shaking their hands.

Zoe peeked out the hole in the door, and saw a stray guard drop his gun and run in the opposite direction, and he was followed by an evil shriek which made Zoe shudder. Chase heard the shriek and froze, but stepped towards the door to see for himself.

"Cha.." Zoe began, but she was cut off by another blood-curdling scream.

Ariana moved towards the door too, and ran her fingers across the blue walls. Chase's hand reached towards the rusty door handle.

"Don't",  Ariana said quietly, studying the corridor through the hole in the door.

"Why not?", Chase retorted.

Ariana sighed; "look, if you want to get yourself killed, go ahead." She paused, "I don't know what's out there, and neither do you. So stop acting li.."

Another ear-splitting screech.

"Chase, don't be stupid." Zoe said cautiously, walking carefully towards Chase, as if he were a loose cannon.

"I'm not", he said, with no emotion in his voice.

And then he opened the door.

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