The government has been overrun by a team of equipped spies, who travel the globe in search for 10 warriors, who may be able to stop the world from succumbing to a deadly fate. However, is there any humanity left to save?


2. 2

Zoe screamed with fear, as the guards pulled guns out of their pockets. But Chase covered her mouth, and watched as the guards walked slowly past them.

"Shut it". He whispered through gritted teeth. "Don't draw attention to yourself".

She struggled, but part of what Chase had said to her made her keep quiet. And the fact that the guards had guns.

Chase's forehead was creased, and the hand covering Zoe's mouth was clammy. Despite his brave façade, Zoe knew he too was nervous.

A gun shot shook the corridor, and a bullet rammed through the door labelled '11'. And Zoe's pulse quickened.

"1 out of 10'.

Zoe bit Chase's hand, and he released her mouth. She mouthed to him,

"I know what's happening, just come with me."

Their backs slid up the blue wall, and Zoe grabbed Chase's arm.

"Run". She barked to him.

They bolted through the wooden doors at the end of the corridor, and gun shots fired whilst terrified screams pounded after them. Chase gripped Zoe's arm, and pulled her into a room labelled '3'.

"Shh" he waved to her, as he peeked through the door hole, watching guards scurry past in a blur. Zoe let out a sigh of relief, until a girl's voice spoke from the back of the room.


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