The government has been overrun by a team of equipped spies, who travel the globe in search for 10 warriors, who may be able to stop the world from succumbing to a deadly fate. However, is there any humanity left to save?


1. 1

Zoe jolted awake. The air seemed to cool around her as she felt her way to the bathroom; the numbing darkness fell on the room as any trace of light escaped from the bunker. She coughed and clicked on the light next to the doorway, which flickered for a while until settling to a steady glow. Zoe twisted the tap and splashed the cold water over her face, she guessed it was only around 3 am, which was way too early to be awake.

Stepping through the room, she decided to get changed, as she figured she wouldn't sleep until morning came. Sadness washed over her like a menacing wave, despite changing her clothes, she really had no idea where she was going, and what she was trying to achieve. Zoe had no clue where she was, yesterday's transport to the bunker seemed to have been some sort of hallucination. All she could remember was being thrown into a sealed room, with a single bathroom and fire exit. which she had already tried to escape out of. Until she remembered, she had no idea where she was.

She sighed and ran her fingers through her hair, tears pricked in her eyes as regret turned the taste in her mouth sour. Zoe recoiled back onto her bed, perching on the foot of it as she remembered what the man in blue had said, something about '1 out of 10'. What could that possibly mean? She wanted to scream with frustration. Her mouth went dry. She thought she was going insane, that was, until the main door of the bunker swung open at around 6 in the morning.

"Breakfast" a woman said drily through the door.

Zoe slumped back again, breakfast? Was that all?

"I'm not hungry", she retorted. Which wasn't true. In fact her stomach groaned with hunger, but she wouldn't take anything she was given. Until she had an explanation of what was going on.

"Suit yourself". The woman replied, almost scoffing.


 Hours had passed, and Zoe still sat in the same position she had been in throughout the past 6 or 7 hours of no sleep. Voices echoed throughout the long corridor, and her door was still open, yet she had no energy to see who was out there. She wondered what her family were doing. Were they missing her? Had they been taken too? Perhaps they were next-door, even. But reality drowned her thoughts again, the chances of her being with her family, in this place, were slim.

Shouts leaked through from the corridor; waking her from her trance. This time she seemed to have some energy, and she crept to the doorway. A guy, probably about 15 or 16, started wrestling another guy, dressed in a blue uniform.

"WHERE ARE THEY?' the younger guy demanded. His face was contorted with emotion, and spit flew from his mouth as he shook the man in uniform.

"I..I don't know." he said innocently, worry pooled in his eyes.

The younger guy swept a hand through his brown spiky hair, and tears started to form in his hazel eyes. The once furious face had melted into a kind one. He crumpled in a heap in the corner of the corridor, and he held his head in his hands.

"It's ok man, seriously." The man in blue sympathised, patting him on the shoulder and walking away solemnly.

After the man had gone, Zoe walked past the gawping faces, and to the corner of the corridor, where the guy sat. He looked up at her, confusedly, and patted the floor next to him. Zoe sat down where he had patted, and looked at him.

"I'm sorry" She whispered, though she didn't know why she said it. She was just as bewildered as him.

The boy looked at her for the second time, and spoke softly,

"I don't know why you're sorry, I just want to leave this stupid place, whatever it is. My name's Chase."

Zoe swallowed,

"Mine's Zoe, stick around, we both need all the company we can.."

But she was cut off, for a stream of guards stampeded through the windy corridor.



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