2. My Story

So um where do I start? Not much to know about me. My Name is Karah.

I'm a senior.

When I was 5 my parents divorced and my dad took custody of me.

I had a twin sister and we would meet up every summer to visit each other since she lived with my mom.

When I was 13 I got a call. She died in a accident.

I don't know what happened. My father went crazy. He beat me. Abused me daily. Called me worthless. But still cared for me. He apologised all the time. I said it was ok but it wasn't.

The past few months were the worst. He left a huge burn on my leg, made me brake a few bones and I was done after that.

I had to leave. I talked to my mom. We hadn't talked after my sisters funeral.I guess it was tragic and she said she never wanted to see my dad again. I mean seeing your daughter being ran over by two cars infront of your house is kinda scary.

A couple days back I found her on Instagram. I was ready to talk to her again.

We spoke for some time. I told her how everything was going. And I mean everything. The whole abuse thing.

After sometime she told me to come to her. So I did.

I told my dad and his reaction was totally healthy.

A simple "Ok." was all I got.

I packed my bags and I was out a week after.

On the plane, I was so ready to leave California.

I was tired of living in the ghetto. I mean yes I enjoyed the company of my few friends but I was ready for a new start.

At my old school I was always the quiet one I guess. I was bullied, and pushed around and I'm just ready to not be the push able one.

I want to be a free spirit.

I wanna see Katie.

She has been my best friend

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