A young Finnish boy named Vhitorik went missing in the woods near his home. His body was found only once before vanishing again mysteriously. Years later, a young couple and their son, Thomas, move into the house to set up a new life. They want their child to grow up happy and strong, but what they didn't expect was little Thomas making a new play mate, named Vihtorik, who doesn't seem like other people.


1. Prologue

     The small, blonde haired boy sat silently in front of the fireplace. The warm glow heated his face that was set in a slight frown. Outside, the night was full of stars, but nothing bright came off of them, for their gray enemies covered them from view. The wind howled through the slender trees, making them kneel and bend to the powerful gusts.


    But even through the windy night, the boy just sat still. He didn’t care what was going on outside of the house. He cared about what was going on inside. The young chap turned to his mother who sat in her sofa chair, designed with purple patters. She looked down at her son and smiled then nodded, telling him he could go play upstairs.


    The lad smiled a little then ran up the rickety, old, wooden steps, banging his feet down on each step. When he arrived on the top, he looked down the dark hallway, before a voice whispered:


“This way…”


    He followed the voice slowly and carefully, making sure not to trip over anything that was in the way.


“This way…” it said again


    The blonde slowly made his way into the darkened room. He pulled out his flashlight and looked around. There was nothing much, but everything that was in their had a century worth of dust piled onto it. In the room was a bed, a broken mirror, and a few shelves for books and some very old toys. He searched around a bit for the voice, but found nothing. With a sigh he turned to make his way back, but then he froze at the new sight, with a slight gasp.


    In the middle of the room stood a boy, his age, with dark, brown hair and dark eyes that stared blankly straight towards the scared child.


“Hello.” the new boy said “My name is Vihtorik. We’re going to have lots of fun.”


    The boy across from Vihtorik ran out of the room and down the hall, before falling as something tackled him to the ground. He looked up to see the slender boy standing above him.


“Time for fun.”

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