5sos Apacolypse

Kill the dead, Fear the living.


2. First Encounter

With the handle of my knife gripped tightly in my right hand, I walk silently through the vast forest. Only small shreds of sunlight illuminate the tree's around me, making it very difficult to navigate through the thick brush. Leaves crunch beneath my muddy converse as I press onward in an attempt to escape my intimidating surroundings. 

I've been on my own for 2 days now, and I'm operating on fumes at this point. My family and I were separated when a large hoard of the living dead penetrated our campsite. It caught us completely off guard, and I was forced up the mountain by a few stray walkers. So now I'm by myself.

I'm in a dyer need of sleep, but that may as well be a death wish with no one on watch. I need to find my family, or at least someone who can help me. A light breeze rustles the greenery surrounding me and I notice a tower in the distance. Maybe if I get to the top of that, I'll have a better view of what I'm working with!

I slide my knife into its holder and switch to my weapon of choice, the bow and arrow. Luckily, before all of this shït went down, I took archery lessons for 5 years. I'm not even sure why I kept with it... Possibly because that was the only thing I was actually good at.

My feet pound the ground as I take off in a jog towards the tower. I make sure to keep my senses on high alert, ready to react at anything that comes my way. You never know what you might be faced with these days, even some people can be just as bad as a walker. Everyone and everything is an enemy.

"HELP!" A scream echoes through the forest, causing me to dive behind a rock. Who was that?

"CALUM! YOU HAVE TO JUMP!" Another voice yells. These are definitely not people I know.

I quickly peek out from behind the boulder to see a man trapped on top of a dumpster with about 10-15 walkers surrounding him. He's inside of a fenced in area, leaving his friends trapped on the outside. I can almost sense the fear he's feeling.

"Just go on without me!" His voice strains to choke out the words. I can't help him... I could end up dead, or even worse, one of the living dead.

"No! That's not an option!" The curly haired one hollers back, attempting to climb the tall fence.

I eye the area, searching for a plan of action that I might be able to take. As of right now, I'm perched atop a hill, giving me an advantage point. My eyes dart to a weak spot in the fence which would give me easy access in and out of the area.

"Fück it," I sigh, climbing on top of the rock that once served as my protection.

My fingers grab an arrow from the quiver draped across my back and I prepare to fire it. 14 walkers grab at the boys feet, and I only have 10 arrows. One of the walkers gets ahold of the guys ankle, threatening to pull him off balance. I quickly aim at its skull, and let the string loose. Perfect hit.

"WHAT THE FÜCK WAS THAT?" One of the ones on the outside yells.

I continue to pelt the monsters with arrows, hitting all of my targets through the head. Four left. Pulling my knife from its holder, I hop down from the boulder and slide through the hole in the fence. The four walkers look at me, snapping there jaws in my direction. Well, I clearly didn't think this through.

Without having time to rethink, I plunge the knife into the first ones eye socket, and throw it into the seconds skull. They both drop to the ground, leaving two. My hand darts to my belt, and panic sets in. I've lost my second knife. 

I scan the ground, looking for anything that I could use as a weapon. An arrow! I yank it out of the skull of the officially dead monster and use it to defeat the third walker. The last one makes its way over to me, and I struggle to remove the arrow from the third victim. Its stuck.

A whimper escapes my mouth as I'm left speechless. The final walker grabs hold my arm, and a scream escapes my mouth. Blood splatters across my face and the walker falls to the ground, revealing the dumpster guy.

"Are you okay?" The boy asks, fear is evident in his eyes. Is that an accent?

"Y-yeah," I stutter, I almost died.

"You saved me," He whispers, almost as if he can't believe he's still alive. His chocolate brown eyes meet my green ones as he pulls me into a hug. Well this is new.

"Calum!" A voice sounds from behind me and I immediately push the boy off me, turning around to see the three other boys. They all stare at me, wide eyed, and I realize that I have my hand raised in an 'Imma bout to punch you' way.

"Sorry," I mumble quietly, stepping away from 'Calum'.

The blond one eyes me for a moment before running and hugging his brown haired friend. As for the other two, they continue to stare at me as if I might turn on them. I continue to look the other two up and down, taking in every detail from their toned arms to their menacing looks.

    I find myself staring at the machete held in the crazy haired boys hands. The shiny metal of it is splattered with blood, while the curly haired one has a samurai sword strapped around his back. My gaze travels to the bodies on the ground, and I spot some of my arrows. Better not waste them.

    I hesitantly turn my back to the guys, gathering my arrows out of the skulls of walkers. My hands reach down to grab my knife from the ground and I slide it into its holder. Luckily, none of my arrows broke and are reusable.

"What's your name?" Curly asks me suddenly. I spin on my heel and stare deeply into his eyes.

"Just because I saved your friends's äss, doesn't mean we're friends," I snap at him. Just their intimidating looks alone are causing me to question my actions. They don't seem very nice.

"Just because I asked for your name doesn't mean I want to be your friend," He spits back. I glare at him, debating wether or not to tell him my real name.

"Kiko," I reply truthfully, watching a smile creep to his face.

"Is that seriously your name?" He smirks, probably enjoying the blush that has found its way to my cheeks. Not my fault my parents had bad taste in names...

"Why yes it is, now what's yours?" I roll my eyes at him, already disliking his attitude.

"Ashton," He smiles smugly. Well crap, his name is actually cool. I then gesture to the rest to tell me their names.

"I'm Calum, I think you knew that though, this is Michael and Luke," I stare at Luke who I haven't yet studied. He uncomfortably shifts back and forth on his feet, causing me to decide that he may be the weakest. 

"Why do you guys have accents?" I ask bluntly, earning a light chuckle from Luke.

"We're from Australia, but we were here when all of this happened," Luke explains. I nod my head and wonder if they know if their families are alive.

"Do you have others with you?" Michael questions me. He doesn't seem to like me much.

"No," I respond, and I honestly don't. Not Anymore.

"I don't believe her," Ashton states harshly.

"Why would she have reason to lie?" Luke points out causing Ashton to grunt.

"So that we'll let her go, and then she can bring her group down over our heads!" Ashton speaks to his friends as if I'm not even here.

"But I just saved Calum. Isn't that enough proof that I won't betray you?" I interject.

"I think me and you both know that you can never trust anyone anymore, no matter what," Ashton huffs, getting dangerously close to me.

"Exactly, which is why I need to get away from you," I mumble, earning a glare from him.

"We're taking her with us," Ashton states and my eyes widen. Do they seriously believe that I'd let that happen?

In one swift movement, I remove an arrow from my quiver and notch it into the bow, pointing it at Ashton's head. Luke then pulls a gun from his belt loop, making the innocent boy I thought he was completely disappear. Michael on the other hand, smiles at me with an evil grin, causing shivers to run up my spine.

"I'll shoot the arrow straight through your head," I threaten.

"You wouldn't though," Ashton smirks and I pull the string back even further.

"You know, Luke's got a gun pointed straight at your head too," Michael smiles setting me off a bit.

"I'm aware of that, idiot, but he would have used it on those walkers if you had bullets," I reply through gritted teeth.

"I didn't use it because I only have one bullet, and last time I checked, it only takes one bullet to kill a person," Luke growls giving me a different look on his personality.

I nervously hold the string in my fingertips, debating wether or not it would be worse to die or go with them. Who knows what they would do to me... But I've never killed a person before. Only lifeless walkers who deserve it, but maybe Ashton deserves it. My gaze wavers for moment and my bow is suddenly sent flying through the air.

A gasp escapes my lips once I notice Calum standing directly in front of me. I completely forgot he was even here to be honest... 

"Sorry but I agree with Ash. You're coming with us,"

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