A story about SAMGLADIATOR


1. First Day

Sams POV

"Taurtis?",I say. "Are you in there?"

Taurtis is getting ready

"Yes" he replies

"Hurry up, it's the first day of high school!

I say eagerly.

Later that day....

Taurtis POV

"SAM!!!!" I yell. "Were are you?"

He doesn't answer

"SAM!!!!!" I yell again

This time he pops out of a cabnit beside me

"Sam... Wtf" I say with my hand in my face.

"It's time to go to school"

I say again


Taurtis, let's hold hands, just so were safe

Taurtis grabs my hand.

It felt... Different.

We pasted to girls, Yuki and Chan.

"Hey guys!" Yuki says

"H-hey" Chan says

"Chan, are you ok?" I ask her

"Y-ye-YE I'm fine

"Ok then" I say

Yuki starts humming a song.

I feel like I know that song

You've had a life to long, know its time to go, wanna play this game? Heh I don't think so , I've been dreaming for this day, for this day to come, so don't ruin it for me, or else I'll kill you (dudududoodoo)

"So guys"I say. " wanna walk with


"Sure" yuki says

We walked together and we got to school. "

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