Written by me


1. blood red roses

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

You love them,

Why not me too?

The way you are,

It makes me sad,

You treat me like,

I'm very bad,

I try so hard,

To be so good,

But lately Iv been,

Feeling no good.

I cut my skin,

It marks my arms,

The blood it flows,

In a graceful dance.

I wrap my hands,

Around my neck,

I squeeze hard,

But can't do it.

Iv tried and tried,

Many times,

When oh when will I,

Have the courage to die.

One day I'll accomplish,

My greatest need,

I'll cut the vain,

That looks like s tree.

The blood will flow,

And turn me red,

Engulf me in a,

Pool of bleed.

I'll fall into darkness,

And reach to the light,

I'll finally see,

What's on the other side.

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