ĢħΘƲι ίɴνεȘτίĢλτΘર2

For the first time… For the first time in this life I was free… free to do whatever I want… Whatever I want to investigate… Me and my squad were rending our nights, sacrificing our rest and comfort until we could find the Kidnappers of Arima and so it was really interesting by investigating a ghoul or some people… the difference was that, when people sees us they appericiate our work and showed their gratitude towards the services laid by CCG in protecting them from ghouls and so when a Ghoul spotted us… it steel his sight from us and started to run as if we were going to kill him… but all this time, we didn’t have the single clue where the Arima’s kidnappers were hiding him from the world……


3. [lO_Xl]



When you are tortured,

Your mind, body and soul are razed slowly

So that you feel the burning pain

And hear your blood dripping

And see your bones creaking

But this pain is what makes you stronger

It tells you where you are weak

As those are corpses, who don’t feel anything

Believe me!!!

What would be the fun?

When you can’t taste your own blood?


[Haise Sasaki]


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