ĢħΘƲι ίɴνεȘτίĢλτΘર2

For the first time… For the first time in this life I was free… free to do whatever I want… Whatever I want to investigate… Me and my squad were rending our nights, sacrificing our rest and comfort until we could find the Kidnappers of Arima and so it was really interesting by investigating a ghoul or some people… the difference was that, when people sees us they appericiate our work and showed their gratitude towards the services laid by CCG in protecting them from ghouls and so when a Ghoul spotted us… it steel his sight from us and started to run as if we were going to kill him… but all this time, we didn’t have the single clue where the Arima’s kidnappers were hiding him from the world……


6. 17. Black Reaper


Her mouth was drenched by my blood that she projected her petite tongue out from her side lips and then licked my blood that was then dripping from her mouth. I turned to panic when she held my bleeding arm again and drifted it to her lap; I groaned and wanted to pull it from her that I see she was … she was … holding the alcoholic-swipes and cleaning my blood from my wound. I then eased my arm as I was pulling it away from her; I started staring at her eyes which made her look a little bit different as she was then not wearing any glasses. 

                               She wiped my bleeding arm and then put all those blood drenched swipes around the periphery of a steel tray that was filled with alcoholic-swipes, twizzer, stitching needles and bandages. She took out a bandage and then started rolling it around my incised bitten arm and in no time she pinned it when its end reached. I was still seeing her that she rushed to some other door fitted on the wall to whom the bed’s narrow side was supported against; she closed the door and then I heard the sound of running tap and her coughing or most like chocking, I quickly rushed back to my senses when the door at the straight end of the room jabbed hard.

“What’s going on in there?” looked like the officers who brought me here were outside and still waiting for my treatment; I glanced at that closed washroom door in which she had locked herself that I get up as I was sitting on the bed and so I walked to the door that was jabbing by them and instantly I opened it that their frustrated faces stunned to see me there but their eyes were searching for her as she was still coughing in the washroom after gulping in the water. I aimed my wrist up to see the time as they both stared me doing it; I was late for the Council Meeting!


In no time we all were in front of Cochlea and I was then making my way in with my bandaged arm as then I see Amon standing, waiting for me as his eyes were reflecting fright as if he was worried about where I had gone for this long time. I joined him that as he stared at my bandaged arm and then he started leading the way again … maybe to Council hall.
The Council was full from the most senior CCG’s Investigators and I was seated beside Investigator Kousuke Houji and it was an honor for me because this time he was not sitting with his partner.

                           I was leaned straight on the chair; and with the passage of time my head my bending towards my lap as I was listening to all their plans about searching protocols for Arima and alerting high securities in every ward of Tokyo but I think all of it as wrong; they were wasting time discussing matters that can’t be achieved in this very limited and crucial time as we have to find Arima before it would be too late.

                 My patience then ended as I was hearing their nonsense for almost four hours and they all didn’t agree on a single point … everyone was suggesting their lame point of views; I raised high my hand and kept it raised until all of them came to silence,

“You have something to say?” Investigator Kousuke asked as he was sitting beside me aiming his head down at me as mine was slammed on the table that when I heard this I stood making my seat reeled before me,

“They will be expecting all this …” I was saying that I was being interrupted,

“So what do you think? We just sit down here and wait for them to make a call, huh?” I heard him say as I was not looking at him my head was bending down to the table,

“If I’m right Investigator Kiyoko Aura … well I’m aware of all this so let me clear my point … we need some special task forces of Investigators … Investigators that work for only hidden and secret measures as no one has ever seen them before as a part of CCG’s … leave the things as they still are … you have to stop making the things more complicated…” I spoke diligently.

“You sound completely insane …” he answered me that Investigator Kousuke interrupted him,

“He’s right I think … if Investigator Arima trusts him so can I.” He answered that everyone there led out a hum as if they all were agreed except for Investigator Kiyoko Aura who was the standing there stunned,

“Hmm, I’ve seen the report you submitted, and I would like you to provide us with more services, Investigator Sasaki Haise…” I quickly snooped towards the council, my mouth opened and eyes widened as I heard the head of the CCG calling me an …. INVESTIGATOR!!!

“Ah, it would be an honor, Sir.” I led it out, broken that he smiled.

“So, tell me… Do you want to lead a task force of first rank CCG’s investigators?” He asked me that my face turned even more yellow, as all the Investigators who were there with their gossips ruling the Council Hall…

I was being taken somewhere in Black Mercedes of CCG whose windows were dark black that offers obscurity to everything out through it then to my surprise after just some couple of minutes car stopped; I aimed my head up to see and was fret to find that we were in some kind of car-wash shop; to my astonishment the steel gate of it got opened mechanically that the CCG’s driver drove that car in through that opened barrier making everything even more darker…
 I was unable to see a thing but I sure felt as if our car was drifting down steadily I was feeling a little bit weightless; with the sound of thump of some machine our car shook. I quickly aim my head to my right side black window and see someone with the white hairs. I opened the door of the car and got out, my eyes examining the place thoroughly…

That person somehow was really creepy as I walked to him and found stitches all over his face that he projected his hand for shake that I too found stitches in circular manner on his hand, we then shook hands as I didn’t want to hurt his feelings… 

He also had that shimmering brief-case in his left hand and then at a sudden, he started leading the way and I started following him to some place that seemed some kind of abysses…

                 In no time we were in front of some big long steel gate which he opened by pressing a button on the pod to his left; the sight which I then caught was a source of astound as I see four … four humans I think … but they were not either looking humans to me … maybe they were something else; they all became conscious when they heard the opening of door that one of them head towards us as three of them were standing just as astound as me but before him,

“Juuzo! is that joker really him?” He asked as his front shirt was soaked with his blood I was staring at his eye-patch that he nodded while smiling,

“Well I think his appearance is persuasive as that of Arima’s.” Someone from his behind spoke that I then caught his sight as he was bleeding from his arms as everyone there.
I strangely looked at the place and see there were some kind of machines of vibrating blades which were drenched with their blood and were dripping … they were training … making themselves stronger … trying to trounce the pain … trying to become the beast same as me. 
                          To my surprise their wounds started healing … their incised skin started slamming itself or enmeshing it as I was seeing their obscured appearance as light was washing back from them showing just their figures that I came to see all their left eye glowing red same as I see of Dr. Miranda’s but their only one eye was glowing as if they were some kind of Half-breed … both humans and ghouls,

“We are Quinx squad … I’m Saiko Yonebayashi code name Devil 8 …” some feminine voice spoke that I see a small but healthy girl standing to left,

“Hmm well I’m Tooru Mutsuki code name Eyepatch …” The one who spoke earlier with Juuzo mentioned,

“I’m Ginshi Shirazu code name Gory Vulture …” The one with long height but slender body spoke coldly,

“Kuki Urie code name, Predator Pink…” This one spoke colder than of all as if he didn’t like me from the first sight. They all got codes this is really unfair that I didn’t have any; not a problem for me I will choose mine by myself…… Well Investigator Arima is a White Reaper and Shinigami of the CCG so there it is…… I’ve found mine, 

“Haise Sasaki code name, Black Reaper…” I replied to all as I smirked, my face still concealed under my hairs.
For the first time… For the first time in this life I was free… free to do whatever I want… Whatever I want to investigate… Me and my squad were rending our nights, sacrificing our rest and comfort until we could find the Kidnappers of Arima and so it was really interesting by investigating a ghoul or some people… the difference was that, when people sees us they appericiate our work and showed their gratitude towards the services laid by CCG in protecting them from ghouls and so when a Ghoul spotted us… it steel his sight from us and started to run as if we were going to kill him… but all this time, we didn’t have the single clue where the Arima’s kidnappers were hiding him from the world……

I was investigating the Fura’s house and the site where Arima was being kidnapped once again and while investigating these sites for the third time I found two different clues I think they were left … I don’t know why but they were left as the bread crumbs for the Hansel and Gretel chase. The clues look almost identical not in appearance but to the matter they join; they were a rose petal and a drop of Diesel oil situated at the same site. I gave both of them to the CCG’s detectives, who were researching on those as I only had their pictures for now. Moreover, everyone there start getting frank with me… trusting me… from the time when I was investigating and handling the Arima's case … it looked like I’m their new Arima… but I can’t have his place… I will find the one who did this to him and I will make him pay, I swear. 

I have got mine first Quinque… that is… derived from the leftovers of Arima’s Quinqui. It’s basically a sword having same gold gleam and sharpness but this time I don’t have to take it as a queen case with me… It will appear when I need it from the gold bracelet which was wore by me every time… everywhere I go… so that’s an advantage. No one will be going to know about me as some Briefcase Investigator… and that’s when I surprise them.

“Investigator Sasaki …” Some familiar voice called me from behind that I posed back rushing back to senses and found Amon was rushing to me with his quick steps; it was really nice to hear the word ‘Investigator’ from him,

“Aurora…. there’s not a sign of her anywhere. She was last seen in the council meeting and then I don’t know… no one knows; the streets aren’t safe anymore and probably she will be gone to visit her mother alone as she left her car in the CCG’s garage.” He said that I became disturbed. She was doing all this because of me and I’m pretty sure she wanted revenge with me of what I did in the college the other day, as she spotted me smoking the marijuana. 


I and Amon were for once again in that CCG’s black Mercedes which was driven by those two drivers who were really supportive to me with that injury of mine as they were driving to somewhere I don’t know but gradually I was seeing all the wards of Tokyo and I was seeing and learning from this world. I now became aware of the half city but still there was more to discover; I know some routes but then again we were heading to somewhere totally new. My head was pressed against my right side window as I was seeing the surroundings rushing by and the people and the shops and the cyclers and the bikers and the traffic lights and the streets all this was really a peace for my mind. In no time we were in front of some kind of graveyard or so as now for once again Amon was leading the way and quick as I was following.


Gentle breeze perfumed with a petite soil was shearing my gait rushing aside through my neck straightening the hair by impelling a tickle through it; the misty clouds were stretched on the horizon widening their silver linings just like a giant neap arising. The trees there had encircled the whole cemetery as they were then fluttering with their leaves lending out exclaim of joy. Amon footsteps were trailing on the ground after me printing the crust with his sole. After walking our way up to the heighted plane there I see her standing as her long shirt was fluttering through her tights her back facing me; her head was bow down at her mother’s cemetery while her stray hairs were stirring up by the opposing breeze as the oak tree there was crowing her. Amon came to halt that I also stopped by and see him by aiming my head up at him; he looked tense,

“I’ll come right away I need to do something…” He said and gestured back and went to the same direction through we came earlier; now it was me and her. I start making my way to her as she was still there froze to the ground; her head still bend and her posture still bowing. I reached her and stood beside her that she winced,

“Why do you keep following me?” She asked while slightly bending her head to left… showing as if talking to me,

“It’s not safe for you to come here alone by yourself….” I was saying that she cut me off,

“And who are you to tell me this? I’m better off without anyone; I don’t need someone to care about me especially not you! and why not you just go your way… have some smoke and have some fun by winking at the every street girl your sight catches and just keep on flirting that way… it’s what boys do huh?” She was saying as my inside was exploding with anger that to my surprise she turned to me but the sight I then caught was horrific; a hovering snake was lashing its way from the branch of oak tree down at her as she was standing there folding her arms as her frowned face and piercing eyes were fixed on me. 

                              I think of nothing and thrust her to right with my right hand as my other hand approached for the snake that had opened its fangs wide enough to bit her. The thrust I gave, send her rumbling on the ground that she hit it with the sound of thump and a cry led out through her breath; I felt a stinging sharp pain on my left hand as it was the one I projected at the snake but I was unaware of it as I was seeing Aurora; my eyes hoping if she was okay. 

                   She stood up quickly as I then heard Amon steps closing in; he have grabbed some flowers maybe they were for her mother’s grave. She patted herself in order to clean the mud in which she was dressed that to my surprise she rushed her hand to me. *Slap* the sound echoed through the whole area frightening the crows that were then nested in their home, my whole face went twisted that way that I clutched my jaws hard; Amon just shook at once by seeing this drastic situation that he bend down and put the plucked flowers on her mother’s cemetery flaunting that he didn’t see this as then Aurora’s face was beaming red with anger. 

                        I was holding the snake’s mouth with my hand as its whole body was wrapped against my wrist; when this happened I tightened the grasp on that snake so hard so hard that its whole inside gushed out with the splash of blood as if it just exploded in my hand, I let it go then as it landed on the ground in front of Amon who was sitting down beside her mother’s cemetery he let out a groan. I pulled my hand to my side and postured away as Aurora was seeing me with her flabbergasted face. I can feel the hotness where her finger marks were being printed, I can sense my skin smarting and I can sense my rage all over my face as if it was boiling out.

                   I heard Amon saying something to her, I heard their footsteps behind me and I just heard the blood drop which kept on hitting the ground beneath me oozing out through the two bitten holes on my palm; the snake was not poisonous but still it really hurts.

                   I was making my way out from that necropolis that my eye just hit someone’s grave; the name that was carved on the cemetery was ‘Nagatchka Hideyamboyashi’. My feet then froze instantly that I gestured toward that grave and stood in front of it my head slightly bend on its markings which says,
“Died with honor while combating the foes and martyred his life for his country. He will not be forgotten by the services he had laid.”

I then see both of them rushing beside me that Amon stopped at once to see me there asmy  slapped printed face facing him; He bowed sat down and put some flowers on his grave too and patted me on the shoulder as Aurora was standing far away just five to six steps,
“He had really an amazing personality everyone just got attracted towards him… I wished you could remember him… Are you coming or what?” He was saying that he asked me by judging my intentions,
“I want to stay.” I replied him as my head was still bending at that grave as my hairs were fluttering with opposing breeze. When he heard this he winced and then walked away Aurora followed leaving me to the laps of silence just the wheezing air passing besides me hugging my appearance sending my coat heaving again and again to my sides,
“How can I save your body my dear friend when you are just lying beneath the soil resting in peace…” I led out through my grave voice as my eyes just turned sodden.

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