ĢħΘƲι ίɴνεȘτίĢλτΘર2

For the first time… For the first time in this life I was free… free to do whatever I want… Whatever I want to investigate… Me and my squad were rending our nights, sacrificing our rest and comfort until we could find the Kidnappers of Arima and so it was really interesting by investigating a ghoul or some people… the difference was that, when people sees us they appericiate our work and showed their gratitude towards the services laid by CCG in protecting them from ghouls and so when a Ghoul spotted us… it steel his sight from us and started to run as if we were going to kill him… but all this time, we didn’t have the single clue where the Arima’s kidnappers were hiding him from the world……


4. 15- εɴɖ ßεĢίɴȘ


                                      I was glancing at the shimmering lights of cars on the road ahead. We were jammed in traffic as I can hear the honking cars whose drivers were then really frustrated… maybe. Everyone wanted to be at their home as they had spent whole day earning their living, working hard to feed their families their young and then they all were tired of the whole day hardship and wanted to be at their home, among their giggling children and with their wives who have set the table with the dinner and were then waiting for their husbands to arrive. I can sense all that… I can feel all that… I’m a human too… But I was made ended like this… I was made to tame my pain… I was made to kill my humanity… but I still got some left in me. I rushed back to my present when I heard the sound of ringing phone,  it wasn’t mine but it was Amon’s,

“Yep… What? CCG’s being breached?… Yes Investigator, we are rushing right away.” Amon spoke stiffing himself as he was sitting and then he hung up,
“In to that street now…” He yelled at the two CCG dressed officers riding the Black Mercedes; when they heard this with the sound of screech,  they twist the car and with the full acceleration they hit the street to our right that was really narrow but this can work out for our car. The car then rushed from that bustling traffic area in no time while smashing the trash-drums in that street.

We were running our way in to Cochlea that in no time Amon,  who was then leading the way in to that bustling CCG conserved base, come to halt at once when he sees Investigator Kousuke Houji standing in front with Investigator Akira,
“What had happened in here Investigator Kousuke?” Amon asked him as he was standing with his cold face,
“The Prisoner 0001F have got loose; no one knows how all this happened but we have found Investigator Fura faint in that section… he’s got serious injuries but he’s safe now and in CCG’s Health Center… There’s something you need to see.” He was speaking to Amon that he glanced at me in the end. 

                           We were following him as now Investigator Akira have also joined us and was then walking beside Amon. The large gate of Unauthorized Sector opened that mine and Amon eyes meet for a moment as if we were questioning each other but looked like we both have the same question of confusion.               

                   In no time we were in front of a big door that sure looked strong but the slashes and the rends on that door were all over as if they all were drawn with ease; we can see the snapping flashlights of cameras all over in through that door.  We were taking small steps to fore and then we got in that dark room which was blinking with the lights of cameras; there ahead I see blood drenched floor as the flash lights of camera was capturing it in its film; that I see someone on the knees beside that site,

“Here,  Investigator Fura was found dizzy and there we have found Investigator Arima’s Quinque being jabbed … it’s definitely not normal because he’s the best Investigator CCG can ever have… he was the strongest and the toughest…” Investigator Kousuke spoke as he was showing us the site by pointing his hand but I can’t understand why he used ‘Was’ for Investigator Arima?… Could this meant, he’s dead?’


“Huh? Wa… Why are you talking in past tense?” Amon winced snooped to him as he was saying this,

“See for yourself…” Investigator Kousuke spoke pointing to the one I see earlier on knees. I made my way there as Amon was stunned froze to ground looked like he lose his nerves. I was lifting my steps and making my way to fore as my eyes were then fixed on the one who was on knees that I see it… it was Aurora who was weeping as she had hugged something… some cloth maybe as I was standing beside her that when she saw my boot aside her right she quickly aimed her head up at me… that I see those sodden eyes which were once sparkled with light of hope and life but then those were so disappointed as if the life just died out from them,

“Investigator Aurora just put yourself together everything will going to be…” Amon came before me and was saying that she rose up quickly and throw that thing straight at my face which she was holding, this sudden throw was alike if someone have slammed my face as I can feel the hot and dying pain on my face all over,
“Okay…” Amon completed his sentence that with the sound of taps she head away from us as I can still hear her snivels. 
                          I was holding that thing which she slamed on my face as everyone there was staring at me with their wide open eyes of surprise, it was coat… little ripped from the right side as I was holding it to my front examining it carefully as everyone there was still staring at me. I then closes that coat to my face and then I embed my whole head in it and sniff hard and then exhale it out in the open air… the scent was definitely of Arima but there’s some stranger scent of someone else that I project my hand in to the inner pocket and then I took out something… it was a picture… a picture of someone I think I know… it was the same picture Arima showed me… same person who also came in to my dreams and called me his friend and requested me to save his body. But something was definitely wrong as that picture was ripped in half as I was holding the half but the other half was gone. Amon came before me and glanced at the picture that I hand it to him as I felt that he somehow know the one in the picture,

“I know him he was our post guard… he have delivered so much good services here by offering us our mails… he was a very good kid… he was very interested in YOU as if he was worried about you but then……… you were found holding his dead body.” he was saying this,  that I bend down as if something have got my eye that he paused at once when he see me flaunting that I’m not interested in this … and yes it was true; he led out a deep sigh as I was examining something on the ground,

“You sure are still the same… heartless.” He mentioned and posed back to join Investigator Kousuke and Akira as I was still lean at the ground almost sitting on feet with my twist knees,

“Investigator Arima is not dead…yet …he was sedated by this poisonous sting on his hind neck as I can see the tiny blood drop on his coat’s back collar … the sting is same as I’ve found the other at that ramshackle building… something is connected between these two incidents… looks like the one who did this knows all about CCG’s pervious histories but more about Investigator Arima and Fura… someone’s taking revenge from both of them… so Investigator Kousuke would you mind telling me that if there’s any case which had included the involvement of both Investigator Arima and Fura?” I asked him straight forward that Amon winced as everyone there except Investigator Kousuke,

“Hmm, very well then I want to see you in the council three hours from now until then why not you see and find some more in depth information regarding this same case… I think you will find something useful here.” He said and stance back as I was still leaned at the ground on my feet and bend knees and I was hearing his steps getting away as I was still examining that sting in my gloved hands with my eyes highly fixed on it as if they forgot to blink.

I got out from that site but something caught my eye and thoughts started webbing… ‘If it was the private cell capturing some top secret prisoner locked by DNA identification code… then how did the prisoner break out?’  With these kinds of thoughts I moved to the computer panel, pulled on my latex gloves and started examining it but I found it strange … as there was the message appeared on the screen that says ‘DNA identification matched’.
I then pressed the button which said ‘Inlet’ that immediately something popped open having the syringe on its apex…  I examined it more carefully and found somebody’s blood on that.
I lose it from its base and concealed it in an air tight plastic bag,

“What are you touching? Please let the Investigator to research on that…” some Feminine voice just heard by me from behind that I turned around,

“If I’m not mistaken, Investigator Akira Mado… It will be wise if Forensic department research on this one!” I mentioned after showing her the blood soaked syringe that she winced and posed away,

“Investigator Akira?” I asked from behind that she turned to me her eyes showing rage,

“It would be an honor, if you accompany me to Forensic department.” I mentioned that her rage at once faded away, and then we started moving out from that cell


“What do you think, Investigator whose blood might be on this syringe?” I was the first to begin the chat as I needed to gather more information about this aspect  that she took that plastic bag from me, examining it close.

“Maybe, the one who locked that prisoner in that cell, I suppose.” She said holding her chin,

“Like someone Investigator type?” I asked that she nodded,

“Investigator Fura is injured heavily and prisoner has escaped by kidnapping Investigator Arima! Isn’t that strange to you Investigator?” I asked her, my eyes focused on that syringe in plastic bag,

“It is without coincidence, not ordinary at all.” She expressed her thoughts, at that time we were entering the Forensic department that I stopped,

“Investigator Akira, don’t you think that Prisoner alone is not involved because to kidnap CCG best Investigator could involve more than one person, or more like someone from inside.” I assumed that she flinched,

“Exactly, some traitor…” She led out in surprise,

“Good guess Sasaki Haise, you should write a report on this one… Council will appreciate someone with the skills like yours.” She mentioned that I nodded. 


We were in that room in which that Blood soaked syringe was being investigated in some kind of DNA tester machine; it was more than ten minutes that at last, we got the reports.
The reports were the source of astonishment to me and to Investigator Akira,

“It says the blood was of Investigator Fura? But this doesn’t make any sense.” Investigator Akira mentioned that my mind thinking of a possibility,

“What if it makes a common sense, we were finding the traitor outside from this matter but what if he was always in front of us!” I uttered by surprising her,

“This is very straight sentence of accusation onto someone with the most trusted abilities and experience… what if his blood was taken to free the Prisoner…?” She said mildly in rage, as we were moving to the head office where they had electronic evidences from the 400 cameras fitted in CCG,

“What if he was made to take the step, forcefully?” I declared that she turned to me,

“What are you trying to say? Be more specific!”

“The point is, every strong man has its weakness… Does Investigator Fura have Family which he don’t talk about?” I mentioned that she turned panic as we were watching the twenty minutes old recording by camera #250 in which Fura was heading towards the restricted area of Prison.

I’m always happy to admit my mistake… but looked like… I was right this time!!!

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