Whisper Book

I'm not sure as to whether you reading this will excite you in anyway. But maybe the best inspirations come from the real world. We come for the fantasies and the cliché's. A dash of dork, a sprinkle of nerd, 1 cup of rants, a teaspoon of reality

Why not mix it up a little?


4. it's late but here's a first introduction

So before continuing, I guess it's best I say a few things:

One: I'm 16, a junior if ya didn't know

the friend That's leaving, his name is Brian and he's 17

He's a nerd and such and looks like a blond, green eyed chameleon. He has these huge eyes that become huger with his glasses and they split and look in different directions which is creepy.

Nathan is our other friend (also 17), and at first he looks like a jackass and maybe to certain people he is. But he's our friend, and he's pretty cool. We all met freshman year but separately, and I wasn't even friends with Brian until sophomore year, but thanks to Nathan we became close.

We consider the three of us as the wolf pack. Funny how that came to be and I'll explain in a later time along with how the three of us met

But there's a small introduction and things will be explained later as more "characters" come to play.

Does this count as breaking the fourth wall?

No I don't think so

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