Whisper Book

I'm not sure as to whether you reading this will excite you in anyway. But maybe the best inspirations come from the real world. We come for the fantasies and the cliché's. A dash of dork, a sprinkle of nerd, 1 cup of rants, a teaspoon of reality

Why not mix it up a little?


5. demons like egg sandwiches

There's not much to do on weekends that's like EXCITING EXCITING, I'm otherwise stuck at home, doing chores until my mother goes to work. I like to think of it like Cinderella sometimes. Where the eldest daughter along with her brother run around cleaning with their mother as she gives commands in Spanish. It's almost like a battle field.

Even my two littlest brothers have to do their part which is do homework my mom invents for them.

And my mother is merciless.

To give you a little view of what my family looks like, I have three younger brothers( a 14 year old, an 8 yr old and a 4 yr old) I'm the oldest and the only girl. There's my parents who are both hard workers and they can be harsh especially my mom but I still love them. And my two dogs, Rocket (15 yr old lab) and Shadow (4 yr old German Shepard)

And it gets a little crazy with all of us, especially the two youngest boys screaming and giggling, running around like sugar high monkeys. Mom needs to sleep cause she works late. And some days they can't tell the difference between an inside voice and the voice you use going to a concert to see Brandon Urie.

That some day includes today.

Ugh, I don't want to leave my bed but if these kids keep it up I'll have no choice. Time to give the demon spawns their egg sandwiches and apple slices.

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