I Will Always Remember You

Shaniqua is just a normal girl that can't find any true love, but when she moves in with he Brother and his roommates she sees that she doesn't need anyone She needs him.


2. The Roommates

All of a sudden I here people laughing outside in the backyard. I run to go see before Trenton tried to keep from going back there. When I do, there are three good looking niggas looking at me. I'm speechless. They had no shirts on, in swim trunks like they just got out the pool, and vodka. Trenton come busting out the back door like there was about to be a fight. He looks around, and finally introduces us.

"Shaniqua, this is Tony, Smokey, and Camden," He says.

"Guys this is my lil' sis' Shaniqua," He tells them.

They all looked hell a fine. Tony, was muscled up, had brown eyes, had dread locks, and he had the most sexiest smile that would make a bitch go into a damn trans. Smokey had abs, red eyes, and had a bald fade. He wasn't like Tony he was a little bit weird. And last, Camden. Camden was a dream. He had blue eyes, he had on a wife beaker shirt that only looked finer on him. He was smiling at me.

"You never told us you had a sexy ass sister," Smokey told Trenton. Trenton started to get mad.

"Nigga, she ain't no damn sex toy. She off the damn market!" He starts yelling,but my mind on something way more important than that. My mind was on my new bathing suit that I bought yesterday. 

"Can I go swimming?" I ask Trenton so that he would get his mind off of what smokey said.

"You sure you don't want to unpack first?" He ask me still eyeing the other guys.

"I'm sure, and can you stop being so over protective over me. Like whats the worst thing that could happen to me." I say to him while walking off.

"Well, first you can get pregnant, and become one of these dumb asses baby mama." Trenton says under his breathe.


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