I Will Always Remember You

Shaniqua is just a normal girl that can't find any true love, but when she moves in with he Brother and his roommates she sees that she doesn't need anyone She needs him.


3. Smokey

I walk all the way up the stairs, and remember that I don't know which ones my room. So, I walk all the way back down to go ask one of the boys.

"Um. Guys which one of those rooms are mine?" I ask them.

"Oh yeah. New girl doesn't know which room is hers. Come on I'll show you." Smokey says getting up.

We walk up the stairs to the room at the end of the hallway. I open the door and there is another damn pole in the room.

" Oh great. Do all the rooms in this damn house have a stripper pole?!" I ask smokey walking around the pole.

"No, but this room use to be Tony's room, so that's why there is a pole in here, but it gets better cause you don't have to walk out of your room to get to the bathroom cause there's the door right there." He says looking at me up and down.

I look around the room. There's a queen sized bed, a walk in closet, and a flat screen T.V. I'm thinking to myself. "When did Trenton get so rich."

"So, how come you got kicked out of your old school?" Smokey asks me.

"Well, I got kicked of 9 other schools, so this isn't my fist time, and I beat the shit out of damn white girl." I tell him looking at the pink walls.

"Why don't you go live with yo mama then?" He says while walking towards me.

"This paint color needs to go, and because she tired of me getting kicked out of all of the schools she put me. She thinks that my boyfriend Jerome is a bad influence on, and moving her will get me away from him and not into jail." I tell him putting my clothes in the closet. 

"Jerome Kingston," he says to me.

"Yeah, how do you know him?" I'm curious.

"Well.....He's kind of my brother." He says looking down at his shoes.

"What he never told me that you were his brother, to even thin k of it he never told me he had any siblings." I told him.

"Did he even tall you that he has two kids, cause he probably over at her house right now like he always does." Smokey looked bad about very thing.

I start to cry. How could he do that to me. I bet his baby mama is that girl that showed up at his house talkin' about where her money at, and shit. I should have known. Mama was right about his sorry ass. I pull out my phone and start dialing Jerome's. It ringed about three times, and then went to his voice mail. I cry even harder. Then, I remember that Smokey was in the room with me, but he was on the phone with Jerome asking him where he was.

Minutes later, he is off the phone, and on the bed with me. He kisses my forehead.

"Its not your fault,I called him and he said that ya'll are over anyways that's why he did't pick up when you called." He says cradling me in his arms. I feel warm in his arms. More warm than I've ever been in my life.

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