I Will Always Remember You

Shaniqua is just a normal girl that can't find any true love, but when she moves in with he Brother and his roommates she sees that she doesn't need anyone She needs him.


1. Kicked Out

Once again I, Shaniqua Thompson, have been expelled form my 10th school. Its not even my fault. Well... It really kind of is, but it wouldn't be if that white bitch didn't push me against the lockers. She had it coming any ways. The principal there said that if I was caught on the school grounds or any where near the school he was gonna call the cops on me. He called my mama up, and told her a lie. Like nigga get the fuck up outta here with all that shit. 

Instead, of mama coming up here my brother, Trenton, came and got me.

"Where mama at?"I asked Trenton.

"Shaniqua, what did mama tell you when you got kicked out of yo old school?"He asked me with an angry look.

"She told me that she was gonna send me with....."I stop in my tracks when I know exactly why he was picking me up. Mama said that if I got kicked out of my other school that she would make me move in with Trenton. I don't want to move in with Trenton. He crazier than me. 

" Why can't I just get my own house, so I don't have to live with you?"I say as I make a sad face.

"Because yo ass ain't nothing, but a troublemaker, now come on,and by the way I have roommates." He says to me as we load up in the car. As were driving to his house, I'm thinking to myself when did he get roommates, and I hope there not the annoying kind of roommates. I really don't want to deal with any annoying people right now. Well, maybe if its Trenton cause you never know he could make me move in with someone else. I'd rather be on the streets than with Trenton right now.

Finally, we arrive at the house, I start walking towards the door, but Trenton stops me and says that he wants me to stay close to him like he was protecting me from someone or something. 

"I hope your roommates are cute cause if they ain't then you can take me right back to Jerome."I told him before we reached the door.

'Hey! You can't date any of these niggas while ya'll living together." Trenton looks at me with big eyes.

'I was just kidding. Damn can't you take a joke anymore?" I asked him with a smirk. All he does in return is punch my arm. We reach the door. Trenton opens the door, and I walk in. His crib was so damn huge that it would be a good place to throw a party. There was an indoor bar, an outside bar, a fucking slide in the middle of the floor, and a fucking stripper pole in the middle of the room. I new I would love it here.

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