Deep thoughts

I wanted to do something a little different.. So here's a collection of notes that each mean something to me.. Enjoy :)). Be sure to hit the like button<3


1. 1.

You left.. Just left.. For no reason.. I tried to figure out why.. You said it was nothing.. You needed to think. So I kept my distance. I tried to talk to you yesterday. But I couldn't find the words. I was hurt, depressed, and emotional. I figured out it was me.. I figured out you left because of me. Was I that dumb? Ugly? Not good enough for you? I tried to fix myself, but only made it worse.. I was a mess. I guess that's why you took a step back.. I slowly started to hate myself, for not being good enough for you. I started fading. Drifting away. Now you tell her all of your secrets, make her smile, laugh. I just have one question.. Why did you leave?

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