When lycaon has pups. When he sends them on their way, Where do they go? What will they do? Follow RÍgos in her adventure as she fights for life. Loss, survival, bloody scenes to make you do what Rígos's name means: shiver.


4. fire

Hey, guys! Here is something I want to tell you: there is a challenge to enter. Post in the comments if you will enter. It is called: στεοαλ: Ριγπσ'ς ξπυρντι. This challenge is a sequel to this story. It can even just be what happens after a chapter, a different way to make this chapter after it. For ten stories entered, I will choose one and write a story for them. You can enter more than once. Good luck!


I howled at the moon before I took off into the outer edges of the forest. I heard a howl from behind. I turned and saw my father and Serene. "Oh, I guess I forgot to tell you that you had a deadline to get out of the forest." Father told me. "Times up."

Suddenly, hundreds of wolves spread out around him. All bloodied and scarred, they growled. And this was not just a growl. It had once been a blood-curling scream from the fight that almost took their lives.

I howled and my howl echoed across the forest like it was a canyon. They all howled in distress and some even ran. I stood on my hind legs, an instinct, and I started to change. My hind legs grew scales, as did my whole body. My tail turned long and scaley, my neck stretched out and my head looked like it had been made of black scales and red teeth. And then I started to grow.

I grew and grew, and stuck my head out of the canopy. Then I felt hot air grow inside of me, trying to get out. I looked down at my dad, and I let it all lose.

He was engulfed in flames the moment it came out of me. My dad leaped out of the fire, and he started rolling on the ground. Poor dad, but he deserved it. I spread my scaly black wings, which I just now noticed and put my head on the ground to allow Orion, Thantos, and Chalkós to climb up. They obeyed, and dug their claws into me, which didn't hurt me because of my size. And I took off, with the forest in flames behind me.

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