When lycaon has pups. When he sends them on their way, Where do they go? What will they do? Follow RÍgos in her adventure as she fights for life. Loss, survival, bloody scenes to make you do what Rígos's name means: shiver.


2. capture


Serene's PoV

RÍgos was chasing a deer. SHe actually got to hunt. But not me. Does anyone ever think about someone else? It seems not. Then I felt a shivering presence. I shivered, so I knew it was RÍgos. Shee was dragging a fawn in. I took it and dragged it to my bed, ripped off a piece, and put it in the food pile. Then I started to eat.

RÍgos leaped at me, a pure black shadow of death. I stood up, a full foot taller than her. She crashed, and we both sprawled across the floor, heavily panting. I leaped up and on her, and bit her ear. She got up, a fair amount of blood pouring out of her ear. She panted, "this ends. Now." And she pressed my neck, hard enough to make me pass out.

I woke to the smell of fire. RÍgos and our friend, Chalkós, Copper, because of his copper pelt, were laying by the fire, my sister in between his paws, head on his neck. I growled in displeasure, and found mom on the other side of the fire. Knowing she did not like Chalkós, I said "Skotai, RÍgos is with Chalkós." She jolted awake, and saw them. Then she said "let them go. They are unseparatable." Then she rested her head on her paws and said "RÍgos has found true love."

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