Unwanted < a Joe Sugg fanfic >

Before Joe Sugg was the ' Ultimate Sex God ', I was , technically , his only friend, excluding his worthless excuses of friends. Once Zoë - my second best friend and Joe's sister - began YouTube, and nailed it, I encouraged Joe to have a try. I never realised that would end with him telling me,

" Alison. I can't be your friend anymore. Oh, heck, I never was. You're disgusting and it was horrible having to pretend to be your friend. Just go away! You're unwanted! "

and being alone, from then on, didn't scare me. It didn't frighten me, causing me to wonder what dark creature was lurking in the unknown thing of what we call loneliness. No, it actually felt like home.


5. f o u r

Side note-

This chapter will be mostly Zoë's, Caspar's, Joe's and Alfie's point of view as Alison is well, really ill. Oh, and I'm really sorry about the point of view change.


My head twitches up as I hear Alfie calling my name. I look across to where he's pointing to see Caspar and Joe standing there.

" How is she? Is she okay? " Joe asks, a look of concern plastered on his face.

" What happened to her? " Caspar asked, looking slightly confused.

" She has been showing several signs of the flu throughout these past 4 days so when she passed out, she couldn't breath and her pulse was becoming faint. So, here we are. " Alfie explains as I nod along to what he's saying.

" Is she okay? " Caspar asks.

" We haven't had any news. " I murmur, closing my eyes and resting my head against Alfie's shoulder.

" She hasn't slept for hours. " Alfie informs the others, before turning to me and kissing my forehead. " Go to sleep Zo. "

So I do.


A few hours later, 6 to be specific, and we hadn't received any news on Alison. Zoë had been between sleeping and being awake for the past 2 hours, as she wanted to be awake for when Alison wakes up. I sigh, burying my head in my hands and whimpering.

" Hey, mate, don't worry. " Alfie says calmly, patting my back.

" Don't worry? Don't worry?! " I scream at him.

" Joe... " Caspar warns me.

" She's gonna die. " I murmur, my eyes beginning to sting. " It's all my fault. "

" Joe, it's not your fault. " Caspar tells me.

" But it is. " I sigh and stand up. " I'm going for a walk. "

" Be safe! " Alfie shouts after me.


" He didn't mean to shout at you, Alfie. You know that. " I say to Alfie.

" Yeah. He's just worried about Alison. It's cute! " he exclaims.

" It is, isn't it? " I squeal like a teenage girl. Like Alison would squeal at One Direction.

" I hope she wakes up. " Zoë says sleepily from Alfie's shoulder.

" We all do Zoë. " I comfort her as much as I possibly could.

Suddenly, Zoë shoots up from her half awake half asleep position and shouts, " Her Parents! Who's gonna tell her parents? "

" Oh, shoot. I didn't think of that! " Alfie exclaims.

" Zoë, I think you should. I mean, at least her dad knows you. " I say kindly.

She nods, before grabbing her phone and turning it on.


" Is she okay? " Alison's father asks through the phone.

" We aren't sure. We haven't had any news. " I say sadly.

" Just, call me when you have news, or when something happens. " He says.

" I will. I promise. " I say and hang up.

Sighing, I search through my contacts for Joe, " I wonder where he is. " I whisper to myself.

As the phone is ringing, I sip on the hot chocolate Alfie had bought me. He's such a sweetheart.

" Zoë! " Joe's frantic voice books from my phone's speaker.

" Joe? Are you okay? " I ask him, slightly biting my lip.

He sighs into his phone, " Can you come pick me up please? "

I hesitate, before answering, " Joe, I've gotta stay for Alison. "

" Please? "

" Fine, where at you? " I snap at him.

" Um, I don't know. "


" I went everywhere looking for you! " I shout at Joe as he climbs into my car.

" Zoë, it's my fault. " he murmurs.

" Don't blame it on yourself, Joe. "

" But it's my fault! "


" It's not! Why don't you listen? It's not your fault ! " Zoë shouts as me, gripping the steering wheel firmly.

" I-I noticed she wasn't very well a few days back, Zoë. " I started.

" You didn't cause this! "

" Shush! " I scold her, " I thought she had the average cold, ya know? But then came the vomiting. I couldn't help her, though. She had locked her door. So when I remembered there was a key on the top of the doorframe, I opened her door and she was pale faced. I didn't realise she wasn't breathing, I thought she was sleeping. I-I should've helped her, Zoë! "

" Joe. " Zoë said softly, soothingly placing her hand above mine. 

I bite my lip slightly as Zoë sighs and comforts me, telling me that everything will be fine. She's lying. Alison's dead. She can't live. I sob suddenly. Zoë pulls over into the hospital car park, pulling me into a hug.


I can feel my shoulder getting damp after pulling Joseph into a hug.

"It's okay. Everything's gonna be juuuuust fine. We all love you, JoJo. We always have and we always will. Even Caspar. Okay?" I stroke his mane of oak locks, inhaling and exhaling.

"O-okay. I-I love you all too. Even Caspar. Okay?" We both chuckle slightly.

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