Nothing can come between

This is a love story about a girl named Taylor Angel Davis and Harry Styles running into each there at a horrible time in Taylor's life. She stays at his house while she ran away from home. They fall in love and become an important part of everyone's lives.


1. 1st look at forever

Taylor's POV

So today has been HORRIBLE. My step dad is being an even bigger butthole than ever before. I came in 3 minutes later than my 11:00 curfew because I was out with friends and one of their mom's kept us at her house later than expected due to the rain. He yelled at me and then started to hit me in my legs and stomach. I swear he is a direct decent from Satan himself. 

So then I decided to run away. I started walking in the middle of the road in the cold, pouring rain. I started to think about how my best friend Ansley would feel about me running away from my step dad, again. But it's not like she'd care because she is a stuck-up biotch that only cares about herself. 

So as I was walking, I see a faint image of a car and dim headlights through the rain. It was coming at me fast. i didn't know what to do. I froze. Then the last thing that I remember is being given CPR and being carried off the road with muscly arms.

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