The Sweet Sixteen Party !!

This is a girl who is not that popular but loves a boy in school Alex Hemmings But at the first day at school she completely changes her mind because he is nothing more than just a jurk but at the end falls int love with another guy


1. The First Day at School

I was so existed because I was going to meet my friends and maybe new ones . I loved school and espacillay Italian I was really good at it.The First day didn't started as I accepted I was late at the very first day of school and I didn't even had breakfast and I didn't catch the school transport even , it turned out like the worst day ever but when I saw the friends I changed My mind . The day was pretty awesome and at least it wasn't that bad but a guy that I really liked Alex Hemmings the most famous guy in the school everyone had a crush on him and had treated me really badly I was really imbaressed because he told me that i had a crush on him like the other girls and all the people laughed at me and I started crying and went running in the bathroom i would never talk to him and I hate him FOREVER . I was really broken but i went home and my mum made my favorite dish pasta and then my friend Britney came to my house ans she stood there for the whole night and then she slept over at my house she really made my day better . xxxxxx







 I hoped yo liked the first chapter of my book written by me I will upload a new chapter soon , like and comment if you liked it xxxxx

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