A Shadow In The Light (NH)

Keira Loxley and her best friend and partner in crime, Marissa Diaz, are One Direction fans. Who isn't right? Living in London and attending Kingston School Of Writing they win the annual short story contest! Their prize is to go and see One Directions first live concert on the their On The Road Again Tour!! With front row tickets and VIP passes, they are ecstatic. Harry and Liam pull them up on stage to sing Drag Me Down, which they absolutely love. Harry has his eyes set on Marissa and Niall on Keira. When they are back stage to meet the boys, Simon their manager, asks them something they won't forget. And they say yes. But they have a secret. They are vampires. Will they trust the boys? Will the boys confess their love to the girls? But another down side to the vampire effect the girls are being hunted by the person that killed their families. These girls are badass and won't let anything touch their loved ones.


1. «Prized»

~~Chapter 1- Prized~~

Staring at the speaker at the stage. Hand in hand with my best friend, Marissa, my partner for the story compitition at my writing school. Kingston Writing School, in London. We look at each other with a look of hope. We entered in the annual short-story contest in hopes of getting to see One Direction live. 

The announcer opens the envelope that holds our 'destiny' it in. She looks up with a fake smile and says:

"Keira Loxely and Marissa Diaz with 'Running' a beautiful love and suspense story. Congratulations girls," she pauses for us to reach the stage, which we did in a matter of seconds. "Your prize is to see One Direction live!! VIP and Backstage passes granted! Have a good one girls!" She smiles warmly and a hands us our certificate and tickets then walks off stage. 

I look at Marissa with a wide grin. She mimicks my facial expression. After we are done winking and acting weird we form a mini hug fest of a mix of jumping, squealing, and laughing. 

"Oh my god, Marissa! We won!" I squeal, still jumping. 
We won.


Once we reached our dorm at uni I ordered some vegetarian and barbeque chicken pizzas. 

"I'm gonna jump in the shower, 'kay?" I hear Marissa shout from her bedroom. "Okay! Pizza will be here in a bit!" I shout back while getting comfy on our couch and flipping through the television stations. After surfing throughs loads of boring channel's I decide to pop in a movie. I get up from my comfy spot on the couch, walk over to the DVD shelf and pick out three movies. Harry Potter, Mean Girls, and This Is Us: One Direction. 

"Hey, Riss! Which movie do you wanna watch? Come out and pick!" I yell with my head thrown back resting on the couch. Marissa walks in wearing a floral spaghetti strap tank top, short-shorts, and a towel on her head.

"Hhm. Let's watch Harry Potter first, then Mean Girls, and last One Direction." She replies and plops down on the couch while I scramble up and put in the movie. After clicking 'Play' I hurry and take a spot on the right of Marissa. 

When the movie begins I can out of the corner of my eye, Marissa fidgeting with her flowy top. 

"Hey Riss? Everything okay?" I ask looking into her eyes, observing their color. Her big brown orbs start to swirl into a dark crimson and her eyebrows furrow. 
"Look I know we need to feed but we can't risk it." I say, "we can go to the park tomorrow and look for some mice and-" "birds? Keira, look I can't keep on living off of such small 'meals'. I'm starving." She says, her face turning red with anger. She stands up wanders into the kitchen with her hand covering her lips. I stand to meet her gaze and grab her hands.
"If you really need, we can go tonight. We can find a homeless bum or find a lone doe in the woods. Okay? Just please call down." I whisper. She pulls me in for a hug before parting her lips to speak. I put my index finger to her lips to hush her.
"Ah-ah. Now we watch movies and eat pizza till we blow." I say, smirking. When I turn my heel to walk back to the couch the doorbell rings.

"Hello?" I say, "Oh yes, you have the pizza." The pizza boy plops the box into my arms and I turn around and give it to Marissa who has a wild flash in her eye. She wants to feed on him. I hurry and shake my. I don't want to have to clean up another mess. And I quickly send her a mind message. "You're not going to feed on him." I say to her while giving him the pay for the pizza. "Fine then. I'll just lure him to me." She says. And my face scrunches up into a grimace. He walks out and I eye his behind for a split second. Nice toosh. I think to myself. I feel a gust of wind flash past me. Before I can register what just happened I notice Marissa gone and I hear a masculine scream down the hall. "What the hell, Riss?!" I screech to myself and bolt out the door. "Riss?!" I shout. Then I see it. "Riss! How- why?! I told you we would eat after the movies!" I yell at her while tugging at the roots of my red hair. 

Marissa looks up at me with shame written on her face and blood staining her mouth. I look at the hot pizza guys lifeless corpse and cringe. "Keira... I... I didn't mean to. I- I don't know what came over me. I'm sorry.." she says and hangs her head low. "Well one thing, its good that no blood got on the floor. Second, he's hot," I say crouching down to meet her. I bring up her face to reveal tears spilling from her red tinged eyes. I look into them and see the red fade away and her fangs suck back up into her pink gums. "C'mon let's get this hunk outta here." I say after a minute of silence and lift him over my should with my vampire strength. Marissa trails behind making sure no blood drops to the floor. 

I have to say he does look juicy.

Hey guys!! I'm so sorry for making you wait for chapter one!! Welp here it is! Thanks for reading!!


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