He's Kinda Hot

It all started with a single message that changed my life forever...


1. Internet Messages🍃

Calum's Pov:

The final school bell rings as I grab my books and run to meet my girlfriend, Ava. We've been dating for almost a year now. It's not that serious but it works.

While I was deep in my thoughts, I slammed face first into someone as I dropped all of my books.

"Watch where your walking!" I say as I saw a boy with bright red hair.

"Oh...um..sorry" He said, getting up and quickly walking down the hallway.

'I hate people' I muttered to myself as I picked up my books.

Once I finally got to Ava's locker, she gave me a smile and kissed my cheek.

"Hey" She said happily.

"Hey." I replied as she put her hair in a long pony tail as it draped against her pale, freckled skin. She grabbed her backpack and we walked towards the exits.

We get into my car as I drive her home like I have for months.

I guess before I get too ahead of myself, I should probably tell you a bit about me. My name is Calum Hood. I like dogs. I'm 19 years old. That's basically all you need to know. My girlfriend, Ava is a 18 year old girl who loves dogs and has the cutest black lab that I've ever seen.

"I'll see you later baby!" I call as she opens her front door and disappeared inside.

I drove home as the radio blasted Kiss Me, Kiss Me by some band. I guess there're called 6 Seconds of Winter or something like that. I changed the station until i got to Panic! at the Disco. The sound of Crazy=Genius blasted through my car as I finally got to my house.

I ran upstairs and throw my backpack down and got onto the internet. A typical Friday for me. I was in the middle of watching Tyler Oakley's new video when a message popped up on my screen. I opened the message as I stared at the big letters.

'Date Request from: sexychick69

Click for details!'

I had been on a couple dating websites before so I clicked on the strange ad when a chat box popped up with the username for the girl who messaged me. I clicked on her profile and saw that she was a blonde with a cool body.

'Hey' I typed.

'Hi' The girl replied.

'So do you want to meet?' She asked.

'Sure. Tell me a bit about you first.'

'Well My names Mack, I go to Australia High School and Im 19 years old.'

'I'm Calum, I go to Australia High too, and Im also 19 years old!'

'Cool. I feel like I already know you!'

'Same. Come to my house? My address is 45 Lol Street. 7:00?'

'I'll be there.' She replied as I clicked off the chat. Well I guess shes coming over tonight.

I quickly scrolled through

twitter and Instagram since I had nothing to do with my time. I then started to clean my house a bit so I wouldnt look like a slob.

Yes, I know I have a girlfriend but we both decided long ago that we could see other people

if we felt like it. Lets just say its a miracle that a girl has ever talked to me.

I had just finished throwing some dirty laundry into a random room when the doorbell rang. I thought about what she would look like as I walked towards my door. I swung the door open as my smile turned into a frown.

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