Dirty love

sex slave. noun. A person, especially a woman or girl, who is confined and is raped, sexually abused
sex slave. noun. a person who is forced into prostitution and held against their will.
Hello, my name is Annabella Reed and I am a sex slave.
I was put up for auction by my step mom to a band named 5 seconds of summer two years ago, and I know "sex slave" sounds terrible, but their really getting better, I promise...except Calum, he still treats me like a dirty little whore.
little does anyone know, but they're in the process of finding out who she really is, not the person who Calum made, and they start to accumulate some feelings, but what kind? Will it be passionate love, lust, or sisterly love?



1. prologue

I guess I've gotten used to this whole shitty situation. Having to do what ever they say and more. Mostly having to do with sex. I have to sit there and take it and I found out real quick that if I refused or fought it, that I would get punished, which means that I would get smacked so hard into next week that even google wouldn't be able to find me, and let's not even think about leaving.

So now I'm just an obedient dog. Needless to say I hate it here. It's gotten better as he whole year and a half has gone buy. Now when they each get a whole night with me, their nice to me. They don't even hurt me or yell at me and sometimes they don't even want to have sex, sometimes all they want to do is talk....and that's my haven, except Calum, he's the ringleader in this whole fucked up situation. I have to take those good nights while they last, cause in the morning, everything sucks again.  It's like that while they're on tour also, but I love the tours because it's harder for them.

I don't want to get into my home life, but long story short, my dad died a few years ago and left me with my step mom who pretty much hates me, and her husband came up with the bright idea to sell me for money. The worst part is, is that five Seconds Of Summer is low enough to pay them fifty grand for me.


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