Dirty love

sex slave. noun. A person, especially a woman or girl, who is confined and is raped, sexually abused
sex slave. noun. a person who is forced into prostitution and held against their will.
Hello, my name is Annabella Reed and I am a sex slave.
I was put up for auction by my step mom to a band named 5 seconds of summer two years ago, and I know "sex slave" sounds terrible, but their really getting better, I promise...except Calum, he still treats me like a dirty little whore.
little does anyone know, but they're in the process of finding out who she really is, not the person who Calum made, and they start to accumulate some feelings, but what kind? Will it be passionate love, lust, or sisterly love?



7. chapter 6

We got back to the hotel room and Calum was in there too, so I looked down when I walked in.

"Where'd you guys go?" Mikey asked with a hint of jealousy. 

"To the pier" Ashton replied.

"Did you go on the ferris wheel than?" Luke asked.

"Ya, it was actually really fun" I said, trying to ignore Calum's presence. 

"Cool, what's in the bag?" Luke asked. Oh my god, he's so friggin jealous.

"He bought me a pair of shorts" It is so hard to ignore Calum right now. Although he doesn't seam too pissed off.

"Well let's see than" Mikey said, smiling.

I pulled them out of the bag and than they told me to try them on. I went into the bathroom, put them on, and than checked myself out in the mirror. I guess they really do look good. Light wash never really looks good on me, but these surprisingly do. I actually feel pretty hot.

I walked out and they all -even Calum surprisingly- did the classic 'damn girl' types of things.

"I'd tap that" Calum said. I can't believe he's not mad.

"Get in line" Mickey said. I don't know why, but this is all a big self esteem booster.

I just laughed along with them. This might actually be a good tour for me this time.




Ashton and Calum went over to their room next door and Luke, Mickey, and I settled down. They let me pick the TV show so I picked The Hangover and they weren't disappointed.  

"You like this movie?" Mickey asked, totally baffled.

"Ya, why?" Is it really that weird?

"I don't know, girls that I know just don't really like these kind of movies" I guess he just doesn't have the right taste in girls.

"Well I'm not most girls" I said as flirtingly as possible. 

"I see" I don't get why he looks so shocked at my sudden flirting.




I herd a gunshot and ran as fast as I could to the main stage. I ran strait to Luke who lays there in a pool of blood. The tears started to fall so much I couldn't stop them.

"Anna...bella" He said with his head in my arms.


"I love you" He started coughing up blood now. I tried my hardest to control the tears.

"Don't cry. If you love me, you'll let me go. Just always remember me" He tried to lift his head up to mine, but I met him half way with the most heartfelt kiss I could give, not even caring about the blood on his lips.

"I love you..." And at that moment his head went limp with no life left at all.




I shot right up and realized I had a tear running down my cheek. I looked over at the clock that read one-thirty-two AM and than over to Luke who lays sound asleep. Micheal on the other hand is restless, no wonder I woke up. Right as I thought that, he woke up.

"What's wrong?" I asked, because that had to have been a really bad dream.

"I had a dream we were all abducted by aliens and getting experimented on" He looks terrified now.

"Oh, I had a nightmare too" Although in my opinion, mine is way worse.

"Do you remember it?" He asked.

I didn't really want to tell him, but I did anyway. These guys are opening up to me, so I guess I can open up to them. "You guys were performing on stage and I herd gunshots, so I ran over and you were all dead" So I stretched the truth a little bit, whoops. "It was horrifying, you were all sitting in a pool of blood and there was no life left in you guys at all" A tear left my eye again and I instantly regretted saying anything. If I didn't say anything than I wouldn't have cried. I really hate seaming week.

His eyes widened in shock "Wow, that is pretty bad, I'm sorry" He took his thumb and wiped away my tear. I don't know why, but I just want to hug him, but not like a little one, like a don't ever let me go hug.

"It's ok, it's just a dream" Thank god, I don't think I could live without seeing Luke again.

I looked over at Luke again, still sound asleep. He's actually really cute sleeping, he's so peaceful.

Mikey and I laid back down and I debated on weather or not I wanted to cuddle him "Hey Mikey?".


So I just went for it and I didn't think he'd want to, but he put his arms around me, so I snuggled in deeper.

"It'll be ok" He whispered in my ear. When he said that it instantly calmed me down. I actually felt kind of safe in his arms.




To my surprise, I woke up in his arms still. Luke and him were watching guy code laughing hysterically. I lifted my head up to get comfortable, but Mikey lifted his arms "Sleeping beauty is finally awake" He said.

"What time is it?" It can't be too late, they still have to do sound check and stuff today.

"It's only ten, your fine" He said.


"But since your up, I kinda gotta go pee" That was my cue to sit up.

"You could have moved me" I said. I mean, he didn't have to keep me there.

"But I didn't wanna wake you up" When he got up I went over to sit with Luke.

"When do you have to go on stage today?" He said he was going to take me out today, so I don't think we'll have that long.

"Three, why?" Did he totally forget?!

"Cause we might not have that long to be out today" I'm actually wicked excited.

"I was actually going to wake you up at ten-thirty anyway to get ready. I have a feeling you'll love where I'm taking you" He smiled, and it's the sexiest thing ever and to be honest it really makes me want to suck on his lip ring.

I bounced a little like a kid all excited "So where are we going?" Words can't express how excited I am.

"Your just gonna have to wait and see" I don't think I should, but I kind of want to kiss him.

"Ugh, but I want to know" I tried to pretend like I was throwing a fit.

"No" He laughed.

"Come on" I persisted.

"No" I got on top of him, pinned him down and than got really close to his mouth.

"How bout now" I said seductively.

He caught me by surprise, got on top of me, and pinned me down. He got so close to my face that if I moved at all we'd be kissing. I really had to fight back the urge to kiss the shit out of him. "No" He whispered.

"Don't mind me" Mikey said walking by.

I laughed and Luke got up "We should get ready" He said.

"Ok" I went over to my suitcase and took out my new shorts and my Lynyrd Skynyrd crop top -which is my favorite piece of clothing I have- and went to the bathroom. I walked back out and they both just stared at me "What?"

"You look good" Mickey said.

"I haven't seen you where that shirt before" Luke said. He's pretty perceptive, note the sarcasm.

"Ya, I know, I found it when I was packing. It was my dads" They both looked at me funny.

"He owned a crop top?" They knew better than to laugh.

"No, haha, I did that so it wasn't a dress on me. It might seem disrespectful, but he told me to do what I wanted to make it mine. So I cut the sleeves off and cute half of it off. He got it at one of Skynyrd's concerts. He gave it to me right before he died" I looked down, but I'm trying to stay optimistic.

"Wow, umm, I'm so sorry" Luke said.

"It's ok, it was like five years ago. I've had time to except it" I mean, I would love to still have him here, he was my best friend, but I guess the world just couldn't keep him anymore. I would talk about God, but if he were real he wouldn't have taken the best man in the world the way he did.

"Ok" I can tell he's trying to change the subject "But we should get going".


"Be back at two-thirty" Mikey said.

"I know Mom" Luke said sarcastically. He grabbed my hand and it felt nice to know that he'll even do this in public.

A fifteen minuet drive and we ended up at an aquarium. My eyes instantly lit up, I've always wanted to go to one. "Told you you'd like it" Luke said.

"Ya, let's go" I said with excitement.

We got out of the car, I grabbed his hand, and started pulling him while running to the entrance. 

"Ok" He laughed and starting running too "Two tickets please".

"Forty-six dollars" The attendant lady said, not knowing who he is, but still thinking he's hot shit.

I gave her I think the dirtiest look I could give. I don't know why she pissed me off so much. 

We walked in and he could totally tell I was pissed "What's wrong?" He asked, totally oblivious. 

"It's nothing" It's stupid anyway, so he doesn't need to know.

"If it's nothing than you can tell me" He insisted.

"That girl was checking you out like your hot shit, as if I wasn't even there" I sounded like a jealous girlfriend. He's gonna be so put off.

He laughed a little bit "So, she's not the one I'm here with is she?" He has a point.

"No" I said as low as possible.

"Ok than, now let's go see some fish" We walked down the hall that had a wall with the biggest fish tank I've ever seen. It took up the whole huge wall.

"Hey, so umm, why are you doing this? I mean, you don't even have a hood or a hat and sunglasses on. People are going to recognize you and your with me, so it's going to stir up shit. Micheal said he didn't want that at all" Not to mention I'll have to deal with Calum and he'll be super pissed. 

"I'm doing this because you deserve it. I've treated you like shit and this is my attempt to make up for it. Although I know there's nothing I can do to make up for all the bullshit. I guess what I'm really trying to do is make you happy again. Knowing that I caused you so much pain kills me. I was trying to make things a little easier, but I ended up just making things worse" He paused a second before speaking again. "You deserve so much more than we can ever give you" He looked away towards the end, but than I moved his face to look at me.

"Look, I'm over it, and I liked you a whole​ lot more than Calum or even Micheal for that matter. I could tell for a while that you genuinely cared about me and knowing that made things a little easier. I know that you didn't want to hurt me and now I know you won't let me get hurt again. It's nice for me to be able to rely on someone now. You, Ashton, and Micheal are being so good to me lately...and that is making me happy" I wish they could just realize already that I'm starting to feel better, like I'm not alone anymore, it's nice.

"Really?" He looked like he was in total shock.

"Come on, I kissed you. I wouldn't willingly kiss you like that if I wasn't over it" He needs a serious wake up call. I don't get how he doesn't understand how much he means to me. I thought I made it pretty clear.

"Ya but-" I cut him off.

I whispered this part to him, so the people next to us couldn't hear me "I willingly gave you a blowjob". I started to talk normal again "If that doesn't scream 'your ok' than I don't know what does". The look on his face was priceless, it was a mix of embarrassment and hornieness.

"Ya, I guess so" He said.

I grabbed his hand and went over to where it said 'lower level' "Lets go".


Luke's P.O.V


Anna grabbed my hand and led me around the gift shop to where it said 'lower level'. I don't know why, but her hand intertwined with mine gave me wicked butterflies. I've never felt like this before about something so simple, it's weird. I mean, I've had sex with her and haven't felt this way before.

She was leading the way by a long shot "Hurry up slowpoke" she giggled. God I love it when she does that, it's kinda cute.

All I had to do was take one giant step to get by her side again. She has probably the shortest legs I've ever seen.

When we got down the stairs we got under this huge dome surrounded by fish. I looked over at Anna and she looked so mesmerized.

It was in that moment that I realized I love her. I would do anything for her. Even if she told me to never speak to her again, I would listen. She means more to me than anything in the world and she deserves so much more than we can give, and from now on, I plan on giving her all I've got.

"What's wrong?" She asked and broke my inner monologue.

"Oh, nothing" I could never tell her any of that. She's already damaged, so I'd probably end up hurting her even more than I already have.

"Ok, well let's go back up. Being under here is weird. I feel like the glass is going to break or something" She's just too damn cute, I can't stand it.

"Hold on though" I whipped out my phone and went to the camera. I pulled her next to me and we got a picture in front of the tank.We both smiled and I'm really glad she did. This is how I want to think of her as when she's with me, not all depressed and obedient. She's being her old self again and I love it. This is how she should always be.

"Wow, I actually look pretty good" She said.

"You always look good" She needs to not doubt herself so much. She's better looking than a lot of girls and she doesn't even have to try.

"Thanks, you're not too bad yourself"  God I love this girl. She shouldn't be saying any of this after how bad I hurt her, but I guess if she really is ok with it than I should try to be.

"Shall we?" I held out my arm and she hooked her arm in mine.


Anna's P.O.V


We walked back upstairs arm in arm and we did get some dirty looks, but I don't really care. What I care about is how nice it is to be able to just hang out with him.

"Fallow me" I said, and brought him over to the bathroom. I walked up to the guys bathroom and he looked so confused "Let's go".

"But the girls is right there" He said, pointing to the girls bathroom.

"I know, we're not here to go to the bathroom" Once I said that he looked so turned on.

He walked in and said the coast was clear so we went to the big stall at the end. He pulled down his pants and sat down.

I grabbed his dick and started to jerk it until it got semi-hard. His face was perfect, he looked like he had been waiting for this for a long time. I looked up at him before I licked up his shaft. When I did he looked like he was going to moan. "Don't moan" I whispered. 

"But it's so hard not to" He whispered.

"Well just don't" I grabbed his dick again and started sucking. A minuet later I herd the door open and someone go into the stall next to us, but that didn't stop me. I just went harder and faster.

He moaned a tiny bit and the guy next to us spoke "You ok over there?".

I stopped "Uh, ya" Luke answered.

I giggled silently, but he looked wicked afraid. I kept jerking until the guy left. I'm assuming he didn't see my legs, probably because we're all the way over next to the wall. Once I herd the door close I laughed "You should have seen your face".

"Ya, that was kind of terrifying" I went back at it and a minuet later he came. He sighed in exhaustion "Your good".

"I know" I giggled.




The rest of our time went by and I don't think I've ever had so much fun. Although once we got out of the dome Luke started to act kind of weird. That's the most I've ever seen him space out before.

About twenty minuets went by and we got to the hotel and Calum looked wicked pissed "What the hell, you were supposed to be back ten minuets ago!".

I looked down in terror, knowing I was going to get hit.

"Anna, don't" Micheal said "Calum, it's only ten minuets, it's fine".

"Whatever, let's go" Calum said, walking out the door.

"Anna, you don't have to do that anymore. We're not going to let anything happen to you again" Micheal said. I can't help it, it's just what I do now, I'm always scarred. I'm broken and they obviously don't know what that means. It means I'm always going to be scarred that I'm going to beat or yelled at.

"I know, it's just a habit, sorry" I said, looking down at the ground.

"And you don't have to be sorry all the time. You haven't done anything wrong" Ashton said.

"Ok, sorry" Whoops. They all face-palmed "Sorry" Oh my god, I suck. They started to laugh. "Hey, I can't help it, don't laugh at me" I started to laugh myself.

Ashton put his arm around me before we walked out the door "I've got a surprise for you during soundcheck. You're gonna love it" He smiled so big so his dimples were just out there and I loved it.

"Ok" I smiled.





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