Hands to myself

And what happens when two lost and broken hearts meet each other out of nowhere at a bar for a certain bands gig? Will buds of romance begin?



5. chapter 5

I walked through the door and I was bombarded by my family. I guess my family isn't normal. They don't get pissed, they urge me to be with them if they think their worthy.

"Oooo, who was that?" My mom asked all excited.

"Ya, he looks like a good kid" My dad said.

"He's hot. Can I have him?" Arielle said, giving me a dirty look, so I gave her one back.

"His name is Ashton Irwin. He's in the same grade as us" Jordan chimed in, being the enlightener, and I wish he didn't because now they'll never stop.

"Irwin?" Mom and dad asked in unison.

"Ya" I said, and than I remembered that his mom said she used to be friends with my parents, so she was probably friends with my parents now at some point.

"What's his mom's name?" Mom asked persistently.

"I don't know, she didn't say" They seriously need to calm there tits. 

"Well I think you need to keep seeing him" Kassidy said. When the hell dd she get here? "Cause he's gorgeous"

"Ya, good job Phoebs" Melody chimed in. What the fuck, are they all here?

I kind of hate it when a guy drops me off at home because they automatically assume we're together. Not that that would be terrible right now, but it's just annoying. Why can't they get overprotective like a normal family?

"Ok, can I go up to my room now?" I said impatiently.

"No, you haven't seen your brothers yet" Mom said "Boys! Come and see your sister!"

"What sister?" Ryan said and walked into the room. He looked at me and than came over to give me a hug "Oh ya, the little bitch"

I back handed his arm and he winced in pain "Douche"

"I gotta say, I've missed your back hands" He laughed "No other girl can actually leave a bruise "

"Thanks" I said sarcastically.

Sam and Tyler walked in also and gave me a big group hug "We've missed you dude"

"So who's this Irwin kid they're all talking about?" Ryan asked.

"No one" I said bluntly and than walked up the stairs to my room.

I walked in and saw a bunch of Arielle's suitcases scattered around the room. Oh no, I can't believe there doing this to me.

I went right back downstairs and walked right to mom "Why is Arielle's stuff in my room?" They know full well how much I'm not fond of her at all.

"Because she said she wanted to room with you like when she used to live here" Funny, she probably just wants to steal some of my shit again like when we used to be in the same room "She said she misses you" I actually laughed at that one.

"That's bullshit" I had to hold back from yelling it.

"Don't get mouthy with me" She said "Just talk to her about it. You guys are adults now, so you can figure this all out by yourselves now" Bull, she just doesn't want to deal with us.

I marched my ass up to my room, grabbed her suitcases, and brought them into Jordan's room. I herd footsteps coming over this way and I noticed it was Jordan by his footsteps "What are you doing?" He asked.

"Hiding Arielle's suitcases. Bitch thinks she's "Rooming" with me" I did little air quotes with my fingers. I continued to put the only suitcase that would fit underneath his bed.

"Oh, you should stick one in the closet underneath all my dirty clothes. She'd love that" That's a good one. So I did it "What are you gonna do about the other ones?" 

"Hmm, throw em out the window" Bitch deserves it.

He laughed "You're probably going to get in trouble for that one. She's gonna be so pissed" Ya, cause I give a shit. If I did I wouldn't be doing it. It's so worth it.

"Oh look, there goes all the fucks I give" I looked off into the distance

"Haha, you go do what you want. I'm just going to be laughing my ass off" He said and than collapsed onto his bed.

I walked to my room, grabbed the other three suitcases, and threw them out the window. 

As I waited for Arielle to come in here and flip shit I got my phone and saw that I had two missed calls from Ashton, so I called him back. "Hello" I said.

"Hey so umm, you kinda forgot your wallet in the car, so I was wondering if you wanted to come over tomorrow and hangout. Maybe I could teach you how to play the drums" He paused for a second "And get your wallet of course" I love his way of flirting, he's so awkward about it. I guess he really hasn't done this in a while.

"Ya, ok, I'd love too" Just than, Arielle walked in the room and looked around all confused.

"Where are my suitcases?" She asked, definitely holding back some anger.

I motioned to her that I'm on the phone and she got wicked pissed "Where...the fuck...are my clothes?!" You can practically see the smoke flaring out of her nostrils.

"Who's that?" Ashton asked, totally confused.

"My sister, she's pissed cause I hid all of her suitcases" I tried to hold back my laughter.

"What the hell!" She stormed out of the room and started barging into all the other rooms looking.

"The one I don't want to meet than?" He laughed a little.

"Ya, she thought that she was going to "room" with me. Only because she want's to make my life hell again, but if she thinks she's going to do that than I'll give it right back to her. She's gonna hate me even more now" And she's probably planning on taking Ashton from me now too. 

"Oh, well I say give her hell. She sounds like a bitch" I love this kid already. Everyone loves Arielle so I didn't think he'd say that.

"Ya, I plan on it" All of a sudden I herd Jordan yelling at Arielle going under his bed and in his closet and I knew she found the two suitcases "But I gotta go. Arielle's going to be throwing an even bigger fit once she finds out I threw her other ones out the window" Hopefully she didn't hear me.

He laughed again "Ok, bye"

"Bye" I hung up and Arielle stormed in.

"Where are the other ones?!" Good, she didn't hear me. She started looking around the room even more.

Just than, my dad walked in the room "What's going on?" He asked.

"Oh nothing, just not dealing with Arielle's shit" I said.

"Hey" He looked at me in a scolding way.

"Sorry, I mean crap" Arielle was still throwing everything around still looking for her suitcases.

"This bitch hid all my suitcases!" She yelled and he did the same thing to her. "No, I'm not sorry, I didn't do anything to her, so this was totally uncalled for" 'Totally uncalled for' that's bullshit.

"She's not staying in here, she only want's to to make my life hell again!" I honestly don't care if I look like a toddler right now. I can't stand her.

He sighed in exhaustion "Where'd you put the other suitcases?"

I motioned toward the window and Arielle ran over looking even more pissed -which I didn't think was possible- and dad laughed a little.

"You bitch!" She lunged toward me, but dad stopped her. All I could do was laugh at her. Karma's a bitch. 

"Here's an idea, you two can switch days sleeping on the couch, so I know you're not going to kill each other in your sleep. Phoebe, you're first to sleep on the couch" He said, still holding Arielle back.   

I gave him that 'why me look' "But-" He cut me off.

"Because you-" He laughed a little, but than composed himself  "Threw her-" He started to laugh again "H-her suitcases out th-the window" He looked like he was dying inside.

Arielle looked at him in disgust. "Don't give me that look" He said still chuckling a little "Ok, it was a little funny" Now he tried to sound serious, but it wasn't really working "But that still doesn't make it right though"

"Ugh, fine" I giggled a little bit. This whole thing was totally worth it. 

I grabbed my phone charger, my pajama shorts, my laptop, and went downstairs. I went to the recliner next to the outlet, plugged my phone in, got on my laptop, and logged into netflix. I'm almost done with season three of American Horror Story...for the third time. #nolife 

I was changing into my shorts when Jordan walked downstairs "Ok, I would say 'nice ass', but your kinda my sister". He's literally sooo weird.

I pulled them up while rolling my eyes "Ok weirdo". He does this type of shit all the time. It's like we're all really friendzoned, but a little different. We can think shit like that, but than we quickly realize that it's totally and completely wrong.

He got back out from the kitchen with a water bottle and threw me the blanket off the couch and a pillow "Thanks" I said.

"Yup, night" He said, walking back upstairs.

I laid down and put on my show and noticed that I have four new friend requests on facebook, Ashton, Micheal, Calum, and Luke. I accepted them all and not ten seconds later did I get a message from Micheal. "Hey, what's up?"

"Nm u?" I replied.

"Same, so you know that Ashton really doesn't talk to a lot of girls right?" At least he's strait to the point.

"Ya, Kylie told me, and I could kind of tell lol" 

"Ok, so you can tell he likes you right?" Where the hell is he going with this?

"I mean, I didn't think he liked me all that much. He wants to hangout tomorrow, but I thought my attitude was kind of off putting" I guess I am a little insecure about my persona. I know I'm kind of bitchy, so it usually puts a lot of people off.

"Nah, he still likes you and you're fine. He's actually seen you at school and thought you were pretty cool. He just was too nervous to go up to you. That's actually why we told Kylie to bring you to our gig" Ohhhh.

"So he actually came up to me on his own though?" Where'd he get that boost of encouragement from?

"No, he didn't know it was you. We told him to go over and keep you company cause Kylie was supposed to make you be alone so you could be approachable. He protested, but we told him you were friends with Kylie and that she wanted you to sit with her. After a little bit he finally gave in" Damn, they all really had this planned out, it's kind of cute. I think most girls would be kind of pissed that it was all a set up, but I think it's cute that he needed that much of a push to meet me. Other guys just approach me and not get nervous at all.

"Oh, ok, that's actually kinda cute" He's probably like 'what the fuck'.

"Ya, anyway, he really likes you. Just wanted to tell you that cause he's probably never going to tell you lol" 

"Ok lol night"


This would probably be a wicked turn off to girls, but me on the other hand, I think it's the cutest thing ever. I'm so used to guys just throwing themselves at me like a piece of meat, but Ashton is the only one to not do that, makes me like him all that much more. I think I'm in love, so far he's perfect.





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