Hands to myself

And what happens when two lost and broken hearts meet each other out of nowhere at a bar for a certain bands gig? Will buds of romance begin?



3. chapter 3

We walked down to the end of the beach pier and sat down "So do you want to stay at my house tonight?" I asked her.

"Sure" She said, still sulking.

"Ok, what do you want to do tonight?" She always has something she wants to go out and do.

She shrugged her shoulders "I don't know"

"What?! No, you always want to do something" I started to brainstorm about what she'd want to do, but nothing came to mind.

"Well I don't want to do anything. I just want to sulk the day away" I really don't like her being like this.

I saw two people walking toward us out of the crowd of people. I couldn't tell who they were, but as they got closer I could tell it was Micheal, and I think the other one is Luke.

"Hey!" Micheal smiled at Kylie and I, but she was too busy sulking in her lap to notice "What's wrong?"

"It's a long story, but I'm trying to find something for us to do tonight to cheer her up, and I got nothing" Hopefully they're doing something tonight.

"We have another gig tonight if your up for it" Micheal said.

Kylie looked up for a second, but than quickly put her head back down.

"And how 'bout you guys come over to watch us practice too" Luke said, smiling. I can't get over how innocent he looks.

"It's at Ashton's today and we were gonna go there in a few minuets, so you can come with us if you want to" Micheal said, helping me up.

"Come on Kylie" I started to pull her up and she met me half way.


We got to Ashton's house and they led us inside. All Kylie and I did was stand there all awkward until Ashton came down. He looked at me and all the blood drained out of his face, like he shit a brick seeing me here.

He chocked up a little before talking "U-Umm, you can sit down.

"Ok" So we sat on the couch.

"Here, pick something to watch" Micheal said, handing me the remote "You know what she likes better than I do" Do I sense some chemistry between them?

I clicked through about one hundred channels before I found the movie Knocked Up, our favorite movie.

"You like this movie?" Micheal asked, baffled for some reason.

"Ya, we both do" I replied.

A minuet later and -his name starts with a C, but I cant remember it- walked in. "Hey, what's wrong with Kylie?" He asked and sat in the recliner.

"Long story" I said, and I guess he understood, so he dropped it at that.

"Ooo, Knocked Up" He said "Wheres Luke and Ashton?"

"Luke is in the kitchen and Ashton is probably hiding somewhere" Micheal said.

Luke walked in the room and chimed in "Haha, ya, he looked like he shit a brick when he saw her" He nodded his head at me, putting me on spot.

"Why?" After he asked, he understood. "Ohhhh, so this is the famous Phoebe" What's his name paused for a second before speaking. "And by the way, that girl who was all over him, that was Jennie, don't worry about her, Ashton flipped out on her. I don't even know why she hangs around us, we tell her off all the time"

"You'd think she'd get the hint by now" Micheal said.

"Literally the worst band groupie ever" Luke said, laughing.

"I guess so" Is all I could say, but it still hurt though.

"See? What did I tell you?" Kylie said, still sulking a little "So don't worry about her"

"Ok, so where is he?" I asked. I don't get why he would avoid me.

"I don't know, probably in his room or in the garage" Micheal said.

"Ok, well umm, where's the bathroom?" I asked.

"Upstairs, it's the room all the way at the end to left" Luke said.

I got up and walked upstairs. To be honest, this was all to explore the house. It might sound bad, but I do this every time I'm in a new house.

The first door I came across had a sheet splitting the room down the middle with boy stuff on one side and girl stuff on the other. So I'm guessing he has a little brother and sister. I moved a little farther and I saw a huge room -gotta be his parents room- with so much books in it, just looking hurts my brain. I walked down a little further, but the door was closed so I went on my way to the bathroom at the end.

"I knocked on the door and I herd "Come in", so I did. I saw Ashton looking at himself in the mirror for some reason. When he looked over at me, he looked just as shocked as before "Umm" He walked away to try and get out, but I held my position.

"How come you're avoiding me?" I asked bluntly.

"I'm not. You have to go to the bathroom right?" He said.

"No, I actually came up here to explore a little, but I found you" I said.

"Oh, ok"

"So why are you avoiding me?" I'm really expecting him to tell me it's because I avoided him -which I fully intended to keep doing- but Micheal and Luke had to invite me here.

"Because I thought you hated me" He said, not breaking eye contact.

"I don't hate you. I was -and still kind of am- hurt. Micheal, Luke, and...umm-" I still can't remember his name to save myself.

"Calum" He enlightened me.

"Yes, Calum, I knew that. Well, they told me the whole story. I'm sorry for being an ass about the situation. I've just been in that situation a lot and I guess it hurt more because, I actually think your worth getting to know" I don't know why I felt the need to share that last part.

"Really?" He asked, totally shocked.

"Ya, you seem pretty cool" I could have said a lot more like, how unbelievably attracted to him I am -which could lead to some bad decisions- or how I think that when we talked at the bar I thought that we clicked a little, and I don't ever say that about anyone, but I could bring myself to say any of it. Not because it's embarrassing, but because mostly because I'm afraid I'll get rejected, and that's never happened to me before, so I don't know how I'd handle it.

"Well the same goes to you" He said awkwardly. You can definitely tell he hasn't done this in a while.

We walked downstairs together and the guys made mad fun of him. It was kind of cute because he got wicked embarrassed.


We got done watching the movie, but I didn't notice till now that I kept inching closer toward Ashton, now we're only millimeters apart.

Micheal checked his phone and said that it was four o'clock "We should go practice now so we can just sit and watch tv before we have to go" He said.

We all went into the garage and about fifteen minuets later they started playing. I honestly can't get over how good they are. Not a lot of people are this good. I have a feeling they're going places.

"So what are the songs called?" I asked "Other than Be Like That from Three Doors Down"

"Social casualty and the other one was a cover of Have Faith In Me by A Day to Remember" Luke said.

I looked over at Kylie and she looks a little more perked up than she did before. She just needs to not think about everything "Hey Mike" I walked over to him and I was going to whisper, but seeing that she isn't paying any attention, I talked normal "Maybe you could cheer Kylie up"

"How?" He asked.

"How about you teach her how to play a song on the guitar. She's always wanted to play" Not to mention this could help bring on a relationship.

"Ok, he smiled and walked over to her. A moment later they both walked into the house, so did Luke and Calum after putting away their guitars.

"Maybe I could teach you how to play the drums sometime" Ashton said, hoping I would say yes, which was obvious because of his body language.

"Ya, I've always wanted to be good at drums. They look fun" I smiled.

"Ok, I can make you good" He finally seems like he's lightening up a little.

"Promise? Cause I'm probably going to suck".

"Ya, I'll make you my padawan" This star wars reference means we're going to get along just fine. Long story short, my family are star wars fanatics.

"That reference just made my day by the way, so are you Obi Wan Kenobi now? If so than your a badass" I could literally talk star wars all day.

"Nah, I'm Yoda"

"Even better, he's my favorite" I think I'm in love.

"It finally gives me a legit reason to say 'I've taught you well my young padawan'" Can we get married now?

We walked into the living room and Kylie was actually smiling. I think she needs a daily dose of him if I can't even make her smile.

A few minuets later the front door opened and Ashton's Mom, sister, and brother walked in.

"Ashton, who is this young lady?" His Mom asked, staring at me.

"Oh, my name is Phoebe" I said, I always feel so awkward introducing myself to adults. I mean technically I'm an adult now, but their like, super adults.

His sister walked upstairs, but his little brother went over and sat with the guys.

"What's your last name?" His Mom asked.


"As in Carla and Julian's kid?" I've never seen this woman in my life, so I don't know how she knows them.

"Yes" I replied, although it sounded more like a question.

"I used to know your parents" As she said that I could see the sadness in her eyes, so she's definitely talking about my biological parents. "I'm so sorry honey" When she said that, everyone looked extremely confused, especially Ashton.

"It's ok" I smiled to reassure her. I was too young to really remember them anyway. I was four when they died, my brother was six, and I am so glad Carla and Julian adopted us both.

"Ok, well for dinner you guys are going to have to fend for yourself tonight" She said "We have some hot pockets and left over Chinese girls" She walked off a second later.

"Why'd she say she was sorry to you?" Luke asked.

"Probably because my real parents died when I was four, so I'm adopted" It doesn't really hurt to talk about it anymore because my adopted parents are the only parents that I've known.

"Oh" I could tell they had no idea what to say "I'm sorry I asked"

"It's ok, it doesn't hurt to talk about it. I don't even remember my parents. The one's I have now are my real parents. Their the one's who've raised me"

"Oh, ok"  He replied. I could tell he looked mad at himself for asking about my parents.

"Hey, don't feel bad" I told him "I don't care if people ask about them. I've been ok with it for years" I smiled for reassurance.

"Ok" I can tell he still felt bad though. That's the only thing that bothers me. I don't need other people's pity, it makes me feel weak.          

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