Hands to myself

And what happens when two lost and broken hearts meet each other out of nowhere at a bar for a certain bands gig? Will buds of romance begin?



1. chapter 1

I was sitting at the bar of this pub my friend Kylie dragged me to for reasons unknown to me. This isn't my thing. I'd rather be at home binging on American Horror Story with no one bothering me, which would be the tons of guys attempting to hit on me and buy me drinks, pathetic. I'd be ok with the guys if they'd actually try to have a conversation with me, instead of their opening line be "hey babe, did it hurt when you fell from heaven, cause have sex with me". It just gets old. The sad thing about all of this is, I'm not wearing any make up and all I'm wearing is an Iron Maiden t-shirt and ripped skinny jeans, which are only in the knee- just goes to show how desperate guys are to get a piece of a big ass and big tits.

"Kylie, this isn't my scene, can I go home?"  I yell to her, even though were right next to each other. This live band is literally so loud and obnoxious it's making my ears bleed, and there not even good.

"No, not yet, after this band...and the one after that, you can go" she said, Grabbing a couple of cashews out of the bowl on the counter.

"Ugh, but they all suck ass" I said, whining.

"But my friends won't, I promise." She got up and left to go to the bathroom instantly.

And right on cue, some guy with a bandanna on -and pretty much the same outfit as me- walked up next to me  "So how are you liking the bands?" He asked, which really caught me off guard. I wasn't gonna lie though "They suck ass"

He laughed when I said that "Ya, they do, are you here for one?"

"I guess so, my friend dragged me here for them, although I don't know who "them" is" I wish I did cause then I could leave if I knew they sucked. 

"Oh, ok, what's your name by the way?" Wow, none of the other guys asked for my name before.

"Rachel" Ya, I put a fake name out there, but I always think of it as a stripper with a stage name. It protects you from the creeps.

"No, I mean your real name" He said, totally seeing through me.

I looked at him funny "How did you know that wasn't my real name?"

"Cause you don't look like a Rachel...and you just told me" Smooth as fuck. He said, looking right at me smiling. I think I just fell in love, his dimples are perfect, and I got to say I love the shaggy hair with the the bandanna, definitely a turn on. 

"Ok, fine" I smiled back "My real name is Phoebe" I don't feel like a Phoebe either to be honest.

"No, I mean your real name" He is so confusing. He could tell I was confused for sure, so he clarified. "Your full name"

That's kind of an odd question "Ok, but don't laugh at my middle name" It's way too embarrassing.

"Ok, but it can't be that bad, mines Fletcher"  He said, trying to reassure me. It didn't work, but he gets an 'A' for effort.

I took a deep breath before my confession "Ok, my name is Phoebe Stevie Skye" I really hate my name.

"Stevie?" He almost laughed, but he caught himself.

"Yes" I said confidently.

"That is pretty bad, but I like it" He said...and here come the pick up lines.

"Really, cause I hate it" I guess I do egg them on a little bit.

"Ya, it's different, but how'd your parents think of that, haha. Mine was a shitty baby book" I've honestly never had this long of a conversation about my name. 

"My uh, my mom was obsessed with Stevie Nicks." Or so I'm told anyway.

"At least she's an awesome singer. You could have been named after a shitty one." If this is him hitting on me, than he's doing a good job.

"Ya, I guess it could have been worse." I said, taking a drink of my water. I don't plan on getting drunk and leaving with someone I don't know "So what's your name?"

"Ashton" He said.

"No, your real name, your full name" I smiled.

He smiled back with that perfect smile "Ashton Fletcher Irwin"

"Ok, it's nice to meet you Ashton, but I'm going to save both of us the trouble and tell you a lie like, I have a boyfriend, or" I stood up "Like I don't want to drink right now, or that I'm not interested in you-" He cut me off.

"Wait, your interested in me? Why would you lie about that?" In all honesty I don't really know.

"Cause your a guy talking to me at a bar. I get guys left and right and they only want a piece of ass -which I understand, because that's what bars are for- but I'm not that girl. I'm not a hit it and quit it girl, I'm a hit it and continue to hit it kind of girl, and I know a guy talking to me at a bar -who is hot as hell- isn't going to lead to what I'm looking for" He just looked at me in shock, so I called the bartender over "Can I get a shot of Goldshlager"

"Is that all?" He asked, knowing me all to well.

"Ya" Luckily the guy knows me and that I'm eighteen, so I don't have to whip out my ID every time.

"Ten dollars please" He said, I'm so glad he rounds everything up for me, so I don't have to give him a tip.

I whipped it out of my pocket, threw it on the table, and took my shot.

"I'll get one too Lou" Ashton said.

"Don't you want to wait till after the gig?" He told him and handed him the shot.

"Nah, I'll be fine" He threw his head back with the shot.

"You've got great taste by the way" He said.

"You have a gig?" I asked. Maybe that's who Kylie dragged me out to see.

"Ya, I'm actually up next" He said, and I'm pretty sure he could tell by my facial expression that I was in awe. I've never actually met a good looking band member.

"Awesome, I just hope you guys are better than all these other bands" I wonder what he does. My track record for guys who I attract is the bass players and the occasional singer. Surprisingly, only a couple of guitarists have tried. I know this sounds extremely shallow, but none of them were good looking. I mean, I have to be attracted to the person if it's going to go anywhere, that's just me.

"Ya, we are, I can promise you that" A second later a guy who has the best hair I've ever seen -as in the most colorful- walked over to Ashton.

"We're on in fifteen minuets" He turned toward me now "Who's the girl?" At least he smiled so I could tell he wasn't trying to be a douche.

"Phoebe" I replied.

"Well I'm Micheal" He looked at Ashton now "The lead guitarist" We all know he was trying to steal "his girl", but it wasn't happening.

"So" was all I could say at first "What do you do?" I asked Ashton.

"Drums" He said confidently.

This definitely sounds bad but...awe, my first drummer. "I'm more into drummers anyway" I said, grabbing Ashton's arm.

"But girls always go for singers or guitarists" Micheal said, and I could tell he trying not to sound wicked rude.

"Wanna hear the science behind it?" I'm such an ass.

"Ok, enlighten me" He crossed his arms.

"In a girls point of view, the bang-bang, makes us want to bang-bang" Micheal laughed -in a good way- but Ashton was so shocked that he spit out the sip of water he took a drink of.

"What?" I asked.

"Nothing you just surprised me" He said, wiping his mouth.

"Smooth, I don't think I could even come up with a better pick up line than that" Micheal said.

"I gotta go though, I'll see you after right?" Ashton asked smiling, god I love his smile!

"Maybe, now go get ready" I said pushing him toward Micheal "And you better be phenomenal up there"

A couple of minuets later Kylie came back "Started to think you got kidnapped" I told her. She had to have been gone for a good twenty minuets.

"No, but me and Cole saw each other" She replied, smiling like an idiot the whole time.

"Eww, I don't need to here about my brothers best friend" Ya, Kylie gets around a little, but she's not bad about it.

I'm like a mom, I make her be safe, and Cole knows I'd kill him if he slipped up, or any other guy for that matter.

"I know, but lets not talk about me, lets talk about you. I saw you talking to Ashton. He's hot right?" I hate when she does this to me.

"Ya, that's an understatement" He's fucking gorgeous and his hair...perfect.

"Just wait till he plays, it makes him even hotter in my opinion" She's a band whore if you cant tell.

"Ok" I looked on stage and the four of them were setting up. Actually, all of them are hot as hell, especially the really tall one. I saw Ashton in the back and he totally saw me staring, so he did a little wave and a smile.

"Oh ya, the singer is Luke, he's sixteen, along with Calum, the bassist, and Micheal-" I cut her off.

"I met him, he's the cocky guitarist" I have a gut feeling that he's the one she's "friends" with.

"Ya, but he's not that bad, only when you first meet him. Oh ya, and he's seventeen" Wow, they're all young-ens.

"What about Ashton?" I know Lou doesn't let kids do underage drinking here and he got a shot so he has to be at least eighteen.

"He's eighteen" good, he's legal for me, haha.

I herd the amps plug in and a deep voice over the microphone "Hey, we're five seconds of summer and we're going to play our song 'try hard' and a cover of teenage dirtbag by Wheetus".

They started playing and I instantly fell in love with their sound, defiantly the best performance tonight. I can't get over how good they are. Ashton and Kylie weren't lying when they said they were good.

The song ended, I stood up off the stool and whistled in applause along with everyone else.

"I gotta go for a few minuets, are you gonna be ok?" Kylie yelled.

"Ya, but your my ride home, don't forget that" I'm going to end up getting another ride or I'm walking. She's not a very reliable ride.

"I know" And she left.

The last song they played was actually a really good cover.

When they were all done packing up, Ashton started to head towards me along with Micheal. He put his hand up to wave to me, but some chick came up to him and was all over him...and I don't know why, but it killed me inside.

He tried to shake her off and kept walking towards me "Hey" He smiled.

What the fuck "Hey" I said with as little enthusiasm as possible.

"So what did you think? I told you were good" I can't believe how wrong I was about him.

"Umm-" I got cut off by the blond bitch.

"I thought you were awesome" She knew that I liked him, so she gave me the dirtiest look ever. After I looked her up and down, she grabbed his head and kissed him.

"Well I gotta go" I turned and walked away "Bye Micheal".

I got outside and herd Ashton yelling my name. He kept getting closer, so I rounded the corner and hid behind a huge bush. I don't want to do this with guys. I don't do the whole side chick thing. I keep as far away as possible from that. I was the side chick once, never again.

He walked right past me and I've seen that look, it's the look of defeat, because he knows now that I don't do that shit.



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