There was this girl whose parents got divorced and she decided to live with her mum and moved all the way California. her life was turned up side down.. new school, new friends, boys and new family.


1. moving

It was two years ago when my parents decided to get divorced, in that time of period I was feeling very lonely and sad. I was sad because I am going to move to California with my mom and I was never going to see my best friend Valerie.

Last night I couldn't sleep because next morning I am going to be leaving. in the morning my mom woke me up saying " honey I got a surprise for you " and I replied what is it?? she said change and come down stairs with your suitcase. I put my black jeans my white top nd my red converse.

I rushed down stairs and suddenly I saw all my friends in the living room, a tear rolled to my face. they all said we will all miss you. then we talked for a while,  we had some hot chocolate. Then my mom said it was time for them to leave because it was time to leave to the airport. we all said our good byes.


hey guys this is my first book, hope you like the first chapter xxx I will keep writing xx if you like it pls like and fav xxx

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