There was this girl whose parents got divorced and she decided to live with her mum and moved all the way California. her life was turned up side down.. new school, new friends, boys and new family.


6. hot guy ~!!

When we woke up I changed into my black skater skirt, my white printed t-shirt, my black vans and my beige bini.

we had breakfast and my mom drove us to school. Ellie had an appointment with the guidance teacher first thing in the morning so she went straight there. While I was walking I bumped into a guy and all my books were on the floor, when I looked up there was this tall, hot, handsome, flawless guy.

"oh I am so sorry I didn`t see you there, let me help you "

" no it`s my fault, thanks."

" Btw my name is Justin"

" my name is Thea"  when I looked into his eyes I felt love at first sight.

" well Thea what class do you have now"

" I have Maths, you "

" Me too, shall we go together ? "

" Yeah sure "

We walked to Maths class and in class we sat near each other. The bell rang for the break I was so excited to tell Ellie!!  In break I found Ellie and told her she was so happy for me and as you all know how much best friends can be so irritating in relationships she told him to come and sit with us at break. While we were talking Ellie said I have something to do and she left.

" Thea you must be new here I never saw you around here before "

" yes this is my second day here, I moved from Denver with my mom "

" really I am from Denver too but I moved here 1 year ago because my dad got transferred to here, why did you move here?"

" I moved here because my parents got divorced and my mom decided to come live here to continue growing at art , because my mom is an artist "

" well that`s good, no that your parents are divorced but that you moved here because I wouldn`t have meet you "


" HMM...... "

<< at home >>

when I went home I saw my mom painting ( as always ) I told my mom that I meet this hot guy.

" sweetie that`s great "

well mom I ma going to my room because I have a lot to study.

" ok babe, need anything tell me "

thanks mom.

I went up my room and as soon as I opened my laptop a message from Justin popped on facebook.

OMG he is asking me to go take pizza with him tonight. I called Ellie and told her to come as fast as possible. In 10 mins I saw Ellie here and I showed her the message.

" Tey you definitely have to say yes, you like him don`t you "

well yes but .....

" but nothing you have to say yes" I send Justin a message and told him that I am  coming.

Justin: ok thanks for accepting, dress casual. xx

Thea: kk xx


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