There was this girl whose parents got divorced and she decided to live with her mum and moved all the way California. her life was turned up side down.. new school, new friends, boys and new family.


11. Ellie is going on a date !!

It was Friday morning I woke up and put on my black high wasted jeans, my black and white unicorns top, my red shirt and black shoes.

I went downstairs and had some breakfast and went straight to school. when I arrived I saw Ellie talking with a guy and I didn`t want to interupt but I was so courius so I was trying to listen and than Justin came and he scared the heck out of me " JUSTIN what are you doing you scared me !! "

" you are asking me ?? what are you doing? "

well I am spying on Ellie you see she is talking to that guy over there, who is he ??

" He is Jake wood he plays with the football team and he is 17 years old "

Ellie came near us and I told her "who is that guy you were talking to ??"

" we-lllll that guy is Jake wood he play football and he asked me out !! "

OMG ELL so you are his girlfriend ?! "

" No but he asked me if we could go out tonight "

what did you say, I hope you said yes 

of course bu-tt

but nothing after school today you are coming to my house and I am going to help you get dressed.

" Tey thanks alot I love you so much.

me too. After school Ellie came to my house and we started getting out clothes my room was like it exploded and can you believe it I didn`t know I had so much clothes. At last we found some clothes. ellie wore my blue dress, her black high tops and her black bow.

<< Ellie`s clothes >>


< after date >

After the date Ellie come and she was happy she told me that she had so  much fun and now they are officialy toghter. OMG my best friend has a boyfriend I am so happy for her and I hope that this guy dosen`t break her heart like the other one did but I don`t think so this Jake look like a great guy.


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