There was this girl whose parents got divorced and she decided to live with her mum and moved all the way California. her life was turned up side down.. new school, new friends, boys and new family.


7. date !!

So Ellie stayed at home and help me prepare I wore my favourite galaxy dress and blue vans.

Thea dress -

Ellie did my make up and at 7 I went near the swings to wait for Justin. AT 7:05 Justin arrived.

" Thea you look stunning, I am glad that you accepted to come tonight. "

Thanks. well were are we going ?

" well I guess you like pizza hut ?"

yes I do.

" shall we go "


when we arrived at pizza hut I ordered a pepperoni pizza and Justin ordered Hawaiian pizza.

" So what do you like to do in your free time ?"

I like to dance you ?

" really so your a dancer? and I like to sing"

yes I am a dancer, really you sing?

yes I sing.

Justin do you have any brothers or sisters ?

" yes I have a  younger sister named Ella and a twin brother named Isaac do you have ?

 really you`re a twin , no I am the only child.

" well I wish I was the only child "

than the pizza came and it was delicious. while we were walking to my home I said

Justin thanks for taking me, than Justin grabbed my hand and we walked in silence than we looked at each other and stopped walking Justin grabbed my waist.

                                                       Thea`s pov

                                is he going to kiss me ??? what I`m I going to do ???

                                what if something goes wrong ?? should I trust him ??

                                   all of these toughts were going through my head..


  and than it happened we kissed, it was like a fairy tale come true. he walked me home. It was just the best day of my entire life.

as I got home I called Ellie and told her she wanted to come over and talk to me face to face but her grandma didn`t let her because it was already 11:30 so I told her what happened and she was so happy and excited.




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