There was this girl whose parents got divorced and she decided to live with her mum and moved all the way California. her life was turned up side down.. new school, new friends, boys and new family.


17. birthday

I woke up and saw my favourite breakfast pancakes with honey and blueberries and a note saying " good morning get dressed we are going shopping love you 

ps happy birthday "

I ate my breakfast and got dressed I put on my pink high wasted jeans, floral crop top, white blazer and white wedge

I went downstairs and my mom saw me 

" sweetie you look amazing now are we going shopping or what ? "

me and my mom got in the car and went shopping every where than we went to get lunch at chill out it is in the city center of California. than went shopping again me and my mom were exhausted so we decided to go to costa coffe to get some hot choclate and it was deliciouse. we went back home and I was looking at all of my clothes again and I had plenty of clothes and bags. I went to have a shower and my mom told me to change into something casual because we were going to have dinner so i put on my wine shorts, white crop top, floral jacket and beige boots.

I went downstairs and saw 2 presents i opened one of them had a galaxy converse which I wanted for years and it was from Justin and the other one it had friend ship necklace and friendship mobile covers they were from Ellie

and I was a little surprised because they weren`t here, then I went in the garden and everyone shouted " happy birthday " all my friends were there. 

" happy birthday baby girl did you like the present ? "

" Justin I love it did you plan all this ? "

" well yes but your mom and Ellie helped "

" I love you so much "

and then I kissed him. I went near Ellie and told her thank you for the present. I started talking with everyone and I had lots of presents. there was lots of food and a huge cake and it had a dancer on top. it was a night to remember, after the party Ellie slept over and we didn`t talk much because we were exhausted of all the dancing, so we went straight to bed. 

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