why are you doing this luke

this story is about a girl named Mckenna.
She just moved in to sydney australia.
she meets luke and he has a crush on her.....


2. saying goodbye

when i got to the the park i started crying i did not want to be the new kid again it was to hard to be that one kid that know body knows.

are you crying mak? julie said trying not to cry as well.

yes im crying julie i dont want to do this. i said crying

it will be fine mak i promise and we will take turns seeing each other. she said trying to be strong.

julie today is my birthday and all my dad said to me is hey mak to day is the big day we move. i say sitting on  a table.

im sorry mak i really am sorry. julie said starting to cry.

julie please dont cry. i said hugging her as my dad pulls up.

well i guess this is goodbye mak. as she hugs me tight

goodbye julie i will miss you lots. i said hugging her back and getting in the truck.

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