why are you doing this luke

this story is about a girl named Mckenna.
She just moved in to sydney australia.
she meets luke and he has a crush on her.....


16. park

slow down mak. luke said running after me.

fine.i said rolling my eyes.

how far away are we? he said sweating.

we are here. i said stopping.

yay. luke says falling.

i start laughing...are you ok luke?

yeah help me up. he said holding out his hand

ok.i say grabbing it.

and down you go. as luke pulls me down.

why did you do that i said standing up.

i don't know i thought it would be funny.he said laughing.

ok bye. i said skate borading down a hill.

MAK WAIT. luke yelled grabbing my hand and making me fall into a pound.

I HATE YOU. i yelled looking for my bracelet.

whats wrong. he said jumping into the pound.

I HATE YOU LUKE I HATE YOU I WISH YOU WERE DE-.i cut my self off and started to cry.

princesses don't cry.he said swimming towards me and touching my shoulder.

DON'T TOUCH ME.i started swimming to the land.

mak..he said following me.

leave me alone.i said putting my hand around my wrist where my bracelet and luke noticed what i lost.

hold on...he said going under water.

LUKE..... i yelled gaveing up and walking to the tree i knew he would never find it.

MAK.... he yelled seeing that i lefted.




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