why are you doing this luke

this story is about a girl named Mckenna.
She just moved in to sydney australia.
she meets luke and he has a crush on her.....


17. luke's part.

i walked into mak's room and saw her laying on her bed with her head in the pillow crying.

mak...i said sitting on the bed.

she just ignored me.

i can make you talk. i said looking at her...

she just rolled over and  pulled out her phone and wrote "o really how?"

like this...i said kissing her and laying on top of her.

i got off and stopped kissing her and layed beside her...i found your bracelet.

really? she said looking at me and stopped crying.

yes here.i said pulling it out of my pocket.

THANK YOU LUKE.!!!!!!!. she said kissing me and got on top of me.

your welcome.i said smiling at her.

luke really thank you, it was my mum's.she said laying beside me.

i just put my arm around her and covered her up she just went into my chest and started to go to  sleep i looked at...


yes luke..she said wrapping her arms around me.

i broke up with alex.i said hopping she would look at me and she did.

wow.she said looking at me.

um mak i was wondering if you could be my girlfriend.i kissed her on the for head.

yes i would love to but can we just can't tell the boys. 

yes we can't um mak... 

yes luke..

i love you.i could not stop myself from saying that i did mean it though.

i love you to. she said falling into sleep.

goodnight princesses.i said falling to sleep.




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