why are you doing this luke

this story is about a girl named Mckenna.
She just moved in to sydney australia.
she meets luke and he has a crush on her.....


5. first day of the new school.

that morning i did not want to get up but i was just happy that i only had to go for 1st period.

as i got up out of my king size bed i put on my blink 182 shirt and ripped black jeans i parted my hair and finished my look with my black bennie and my black on black converse.

as i got to school everyone was looking at me i felt weird.

um hey do you know where mr.mcginns calss is? i asked a girl who was at her locker.

yes um just follow me. she said nicely.

thank you so much.my name is mak.i said hopping we could be friends.

hey mak my name is jayla and we are in ever single class accepted for art. she said with a huge smile.

so jayla how many friends do you have? i said wondering.

i have a couple i don't really like to be noticed.she said sadly.

its okay um i only had one friend back home. i said like i was about to cry.

mak i think we will be very good friends. she said putting my bag in her locker.

than-.i said but got cut off by someone who pushed me.

im sorry not.the jerk said 

whats your problem dude? i asked like i was about to smack him.

nothing im luke.he said meanly.

im mak.i snapped.

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