dance away darcy

Darcy styles. she hates her last name and never uses it, when her mum dies and she has to go and live with her 'dad', all she wants to do is get away from him so the last words her mum say keep replaying in her head a clue to how she will get away. those where "dance away Darcy".


8. singing in the rain.

the song for this chapter is sweater weather by the neighbourhood.

darcys pov----------------


once I had successfully escaped 'him' I had finally reached the caffe with my guitar I stood outside it before opening my case and laying it on the ground. I then picked up my guitar and started playing sweater weather by the neighbourhood.when I started getting into the song people started stopping and putting  money in my guitar case.

time skip----

I had just finshed playing mean girls by Rachel crow and started packing up when I felt someone tapping my leg I looked down and saw a girl with curly brown hair and bright green eyes who looked about...6. I crouched down to her level and said "hi sweetie are you lost?" she nodded her head before I asked her what her name was she replied "me-" she was cut off by a all to familiar voice screaming "MEGAN!!!" I looked towards the screing voice and I saw 'him' my 'father' then it clicked megan looked so similar to harry....megans his daughter it felt like my heart just broke. he finally spotted megan and started running over he crouched down infront of megan before hugging her tightly "MEGAN baby girl you scared me so much don't ever run off like that again your mother would kill me" he then looked up at me his eyes wondering in shock "dar-" I cut him off by shaking my head quickly packing my guitar away and running. I decided to go back to the studio its the one place now that I feel at peace and happy.......


OMG A TWIST ENDING IS IT HARRYS DAUGHTER OR NOT COMMENT WHAT YOU THINK BOLOW!! sorry its short just a filler baii guys love you all!!!

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