dance away darcy

Darcy styles. she hates her last name and never uses it, when her mum dies and she has to go and live with her 'dad', all she wants to do is get away from him so the last words her mum say keep replaying in her head a clue to how she will get away. those where "dance away Darcy".


10. Moving....

darcys pov------

I sit on my stool in the middle of my bedroom with plain brown boxes surrounding me.

a room that used to be covered in pictures full of laughter and memories...just like the rest of the house. everything is gone.

well everything but the pain I didn't think it would be as hard as it was to pack everything away but it was and after 5 hours I finally did it now it needed to be put in storage and over to Harry's house.

yes I have to stay with him as much as I hate it I have to.

skip to Harry's house-------

when I arrived it was extremely awkward until a boy came running down the corridor and into the kitchen and coming out before screaming "LI LI I HAVE A SPOON PUT DOWN THE CARROTS AND ILL PUT DOWN THE SPOON!!!!" I heard someone shout back "NEVER" which made me giggle the boy snapped his head to look at me then he dropped the spoon squealed like a little girl and came running towards us before jumping on harry screaming "HAZZABEAR!!!!!" as they both fell to the floor. when a loud bang echoed threw the flat the boy who im guessing is "li li" came down when he saw the two boys on the floor he bursted out laughing and fell on the floor. I just awkwardly stepped over him and went to 'my room'.....

i sighed as i saw the plain walls i put my stuff down and went back downstairs grabbing my peny board and shoes.

i closed the door after saying i was going to the store....

when i got to the store i picked out some paints and picture frames i payed for my stuff and went home and started decorating....

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