dance away darcy

Darcy styles. she hates her last name and never uses it, when her mum dies and she has to go and live with her 'dad', all she wants to do is get away from him so the last words her mum say keep replaying in her head a clue to how she will get away. those where "dance away Darcy".


5. me and my guitar.

darcy's pov----------

I was walking back in the hotel with my guitar awter having lunch at home and a gard stopped me I looked up and he said to me "no fans in the hospital" I was quick to reply "fans of what and who? im here because my mum is in there my DYING mum" I didn't like to use the word dying at times where my mum is like this but I had to he asked for my mums name I gave it to him he ran inside and checked it while I waited patiently outside for him. Two miniutes later he came outside and nodded his head I rolled my eyes and went to my mums room, with my guitar in hand when I entered my mums room she was still sleeping I smilled at the sight of her beautiful still quite young face my mum was only 16 when she had me so my age basically now she is 32 surprisingly my dad being 33 hes still as famous as he was at 20 which is annoying because it means I get to see his face EVERYWHERE not an exaduration.


I decided to play my guitar so I did I started playing mean girls my Rachel Crow I love this song it used to be my anthem listening t it every morning before school, I used to get bullied but I changed schools and now im apparently popular but I don't care about popularity.

while I was playing I heard some people come in then I decided to play my mums faveorite song let her go by passenger. when I played it I knew my mum was still asleep but could hear me so I played the song till the end once I had finished I heard clapping so I turned around and saw.......

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