dance away darcy

Darcy styles. she hates her last name and never uses it, when her mum dies and she has to go and live with her 'dad', all she wants to do is get away from him so the last words her mum say keep replaying in her head a clue to how she will get away. those where "dance away Darcy".


1. intro.


hey im darcy im 16 I love to dance, eat food I also love hanging out with my friends and boyfriend.

I hate my dad (harry styles) yes the one the only he abandoned my mum when he found out she was pregnant.

I love my mum so much she supported everything I did within reason she always has given me anything I needed and also wanted again within reason, I love her so much but shortly after I turned 14 my mum started getting sick so we took her to the doctors and turns out that summer she was diagnosed with cancer. A couple months ago she was diagnosed with stage four cancer and last night she died from, now im beig shipped ff to my so called 'dad'.

I just have to last two weeks then my scholarship starts at the la art and dance acadmy I cant wait plus its a university so aslong as I keep up my scolar ship for art and dance its one hundred percent free.

well this is my story enjoy!!!!! bai

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